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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 756-AUG. 2, 1946 Naval War College SEC. 7. (a) The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to employ Instructors, etc. such civilian professors, lecturers, and instructors as he may deem necessary for the proper instruction of naval personnel at the Naval War College and the Naval Academy, and the professors, lecturers, and instructors so employed shall be paid out of naval appropriations such compensation as he may prescribe. Repeals. (b) The first paragraph under the head "Naval Academy" in the Act of August 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 607), as amended (34 U. S . C . 1071), and section 1528, Revised Statutes (34 U. S . C. 1072), are hereby repealed. etc.d hp SEC. 8 . The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to award medals trophies, badges, and cash prizes to naval personnel or groups thereof (including personnel of the reserve components thereof whether or not on active duty), for excellence in accomplishments related to naval service, to incur such expenses as may be required to enter such per- sonnel in competitions, and to provide badges or buttons in recog- nition of special service, good conduct, and discharge under conditions other than dishonorable. Uniforms, etc for Naval R 0.o T.o. SEC. 9. Uniforms and other equipment or material issued to the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps in accordance with law may be furnished from surplus or reserve stocks of the Navy without pay- ment. aReervperdonnel. SEC. 10. Officers and enlisted personnel of the Naval Reserve or Pay while drawing pension, etc. Marine Corps Reserve on active duty shall not be entitled to receive pay, allowances, travel, or other expenses while drawing a pension, disability allowance, disability compensation, or retired pay (other than as members of the Fleet Reserve or Fleet Marine Corps Reserve or as members on the honorary retired list of such Reserve forces) from the Government of the United States. Naval Home. SEC. 11. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to provide for the maintenance and operation of the Naval Home, including the transportation, admission, entertainment, support, and care of bene- ficiaries, hospitalization of beneficiaries in naval hospitals, transporta- tion and subsistence of attendants of beneficiaries where required, and the burial and care of graves of deceased beneficiaries. Naval prisons. SE. 12. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to provide for the maintenance and operation of naval prisons and prison farms and for the subsistence, welfare, recreation, and education of all naval prisoners. support of schools. SEC. 13. The Secretary of the Navy may, out of funds specifically appropriated for that purpose, contribute to the support of schools in localities where naval activities are located if he finds that the schools, if any, available in the locality are not adequate for the wel- fare of dependents of personnel of the Naval Establishment stationed at the activity, and may provide for the transportation of such depend- ents between the schools and the activities when such schools are not accessible to such dependents by regular means of transportation. Messmen, pay. SEC. 14. Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe, enlisted naval personnel may receive additional compensa- ublic uarters tion at the rate of $5 per month while assigned to duty as messmen. SEC. 15. (a) Within such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy, naval personnel, including members of the Nurse Corps, may be furnished public quarters, including heat, light, Lodging o - water, and refrigeration. dations. (b) Where sufficient quarters are not possessed by the United States, the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to provide lodging accommo- dations for naval personnel, including naval personnel on sea duty at such times as they may be deprived of their quarters on board ship 854 [60 STAT.