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PUBLIC LAWS--HS. 764, 767-AUG. 7, 1946 Public Law 299, Seventy-first Congress), is hereby increased by strik- sevice pension. ing out "$30" and inserting in lieu thereof "$50": Provided, That all persons entitled to service pension under the said section 3 of the Act of June 2, 1930, upon reaching the age of sixty-five years, shall, upon making proof of such fact, be entitled to receive a pension of $50 per month. Blind, etc. SEC. 3. Section 4 of the Act approved June 2, 1930 (46 Stat. 493; 38 u.s. o., supp. U. S. C., title 38, sec. 365c, Public Law 299, Seventy-first Congress), is , 365. hereby amended by striking out "$50" and inserting in lieu thereof "$65". Widows. SEC. 4. The $30 monthly rate of service pension payable to widows and former widows under the provisions of section 2 of the Act of 38 t.s. ., snpp. May 1, 1926, as amended (44 Stat. 382; 58 Stat. 107; U. S . C ., title 38, , 36. sec. 364a), is hereby increased to $40 monthly. Effective date. SEC. 5. The increases provided by this Act shall be made effective the first day of the first calendar month following the date of enactment hereof. Approved August 7, 1946. [CHAPTER 767] August 7, 194 [H. R. 23771 [Public Law 612] AN ACT To authorize the coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the admission of Iowa into the Union as a State. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Coa.memorative U. ted States of America in Congress assembled, That, in commemora- coinage. tion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the admission of Iowa into the Union as a State, there shall be coined not to exceed one hundred thousand silver 50-cent pieces of standard size, weight, and composi- tion, and of a special appropriate design to be fixed by the Director of Exapnse of prepa- the Mint, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury; but the United States shall not be subject to the expense of making the neces- sary dies and other preparations for such coinage. Issuance, etc. SEC. 2. The coins herein authorized shall bear the date of the year in which they are minted, shall be legal tender to the amount of their face value, and shall be issued only upon the request of a duly author- ized representative of the State of Iowa, upon the payment by it of the par value of such coins. Such coins shall be issued in such numbers and at such times during the calendar year 1946 as shall be requested Disposal. by such State of Iowa and may be disposed of at par or at a premium, and the net proceeds shall be used for the observation of the centennial as directed by the Governor of the State of Iowa. Applicability of SEC. 3 . All laws now in force relating to the subsidiary silver coins of the United States and the coining or striking of the same, regulating and guarding the process of coinage, providing for the purchase o material, and for the transportation, distribution, and redemption of coins, for the prevention of debasement or counterfeiting, for the security of the coins, or for any other purpose, whether such laws are penal or otherwise, shall, so far as applicable, apply to the coinage herein authorized. Approved August 7, 1946. [60 STAT.