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896 PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 802, 803-AUG. 7 ,1946 [60 STAT. the repayment provisions of the applicable statutes or contracts, of construction costs allocated to be returned from power revenues; and (4) payment of other expenses and obligations chargeable to power revenues to the extent required or permitted by law. Approved August 7, 1946. [CHAPTER 803] August 7, 1946 AN ACT [S. 223] To provide for the establishment of a modern, adequate, and efficient hospital [Public Law 648] center in the District of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the D.Cspit aciities, United States of America in Congress assembled, That in order to provide more adequate hospital facilities in the District of Columbia the Federal Works Administrator is authorized to acquire land and construct buildings and to these ends is empowered: Acquisitionoflands. (a) to acquire prior to the approval of title by the Attorney Sup0 . V,. 133 9; General (without regard to sections 1136, as amended, and 3709 Ante, p. 809. of the Revised Statutes) improved or unimproved lands or interests in lands in the District of Columbia by purchase, dona- U. . C 2, tion, exchange, or condemnation (including proceedings under 258,361 386,2s 25a8e the Acts of August 1, 1888 (25 Stat. 357), March 1, 1929 (45 Stat. 1415), and February 26, 1931 (46 Stat. 1421)) for such hospital facilities; tion, etc. ' s (b) by contract or otherwise (without regard to sections 1136 supra. as amended, and 3709 of the Revised Statutes, and section 322 of 40U. S. C. 278a. the Act of June 30, 1932 (47 Stat. 412), prior to approval of title by the Attorney General, to make surveys and investigations, to plan, design, and construct hospital facilities in the District of Columbia on lands or interests in lands acquired under the pro- visions of subsection (a) hereof or on other lands of the United States which may be available (the transfers of which for this purpose by the Federal agency having jurisdiction thereof are hereby authorized notwithstanding any other provision of law), provide proper approaches thereto, utilities, and procure neces- sary materials, supplies, articles, equipment, and machinery, and do all things in connection therewith to carry out the provisions of this Act; and agIssis with privato SEC. 2. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whether relat- ing to the acquisition, handling, or disposal of real or other property by the United States or to other matters, the Federal Works Admin- istrator, with respect to any hospital facilities acquired or constructed under the provisions of this Act, is authorized to enter into leases with private agencies for the operation and maintenance of such hospital facilities or useable separable portions thereof upon such terms, including the period of any such leases, annual rentals, provision for joint use of facilities, provisions for operation; maintenance, repair, and replacement of buildings, equipment, machinery, and furnishings and appropriate security to assure the performance of any such leases, and to sell for cash or credit or to convey in exchange for other proper- ties any such hospital facilities or usable separable portion thereof to private agencies on such terms as may be deemed by the Adminis- by participating hos- by participatinsg ho' trator to be in the public interest: Provided,That all hospitals Vartici- pitals. pating in such center shall be required either to convey to the Govern- ment, free and clear of all incumbrance, the land and buildings now held by them or to sell the same at such prices as is agreed to and approved by the Federal Works Administrator and to pay the pro- ceeds thereof to the Government at the option of the Federal Works Agency.