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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 113-MAR. 28 , 1946 Repair, operation, etc. 35 Stat. 537. Post,p . 611. 49 Stat. 886. 40U.S.C. i§304a- 304e. Post, p . 257. Pneumatic-tube sstem, New York Cty. 55 Stat. 821 . Limitation. PUBLIC BUILDINGS ADMINISTRATION For carrying into effect the provisions of the Public Buildings Acts, as provided in section 6 of the Act of May 30, 1908 (31 U. S . C. 683), and for the repair, preservation, and upkeep of all completed public buildings under the control of the Federal Works Agency, the mechanical equipment and the grounds thereof, and sites acquired for buildings, and for the operation of certain completed and occu. - pied buildings under the control of the Federal Works Agency, including furniture and repairs thereof, but exclusive, with respect to operation, of buildings of the United States Coast Guard, of hospitals, quarantine stations, and other Public Health Service build- ings, mints, bullion depositories, and assay offices, and buildings oper- ated by the Treasury and Post Office Departments in the District of Columbia: General administrative expenses: For architectural, engineering, mechanical, administrative, clerical, and other personal services; traveling expenses, printing and binding (not to exceed $32,500), advertising, testing instruments, lawbooks, books of reference, periodi- cals, and such other contingencies, articles, services, equipment, or supplies as the Commissioner of Public Buildings may deem necessary in connection with any of the work of the Public Buildings Admin- istration; ground rent of the Federal buildings at Salamanca, New York, and Columbus, Mississippi, for which payment may be made in advance, $1,677,000, of which not to exceed $795,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia and not to exceed $715,000 for personal services in the field: Provided, That the fore- going appropriations shall not be available for the cost of surveys, plaster models, progress photographs, test pits and borings, or mill and shop inspections, but the cost thereof shall be construed to be chargeable against the construction appropriations of the respective projects to which they relate. Repair, preservation, and equipment, outside the District of Colum- bia: For the repair, alteration, improvement, preservation, and equip- ment, not otherwise provided for, of completed Federal buildings, the grounds and approaches thereof, wharves, and piers, together with the necessary dredging adjacent thereto, and care and safeguarding of sites acquired for Federal buildings and of surplus real property, the custody of which is the responsibility of the Public Buildings Admin- istration under the Act of August 27,1935, pending sale or disposition; the demolition of buildings thereon; the purchase and repair of equip- ment, fixtures, and necessary safe equipments in buildings under the administration of the Federal Works Agency; and for changes in, maintenance of, and repairs to the pneumatic-tube system in New York City installed under franchise of the city of New York, approved June 29, 1909, and June 11, 1928, and the payment of any obligations arising thereunder in accordance with the provisions of the Acts approved August 5, 1909 (36 Stat. 120), and May 15, 1928 (45 Stat. 533), $8,300,000, and in addition thereto not to exceed $1,700,000 of the unobligated balance of the appropriation for sites and construc- tion, general office buildings in or near the District of Columbia con- tained in the Third Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1942, is continued available for the purposes of this paragraph until June 30, 1947: Provided, That the total expenditures for the fiscal year for the repair and preservation of buildings not reserved by the vendors on sites acquired for buildings or the enlargement of buildings and the installation and repair of the mechanical equipment thereof shall not exceed 20 per centum of the annual rental of such buildings. 66 [60 STAT.