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68 PUBLIC LAWS-CIH. 113 -MAR. 28, 1946 [60 STAT. provided by direct appropriation or transferred under authority con- 52Stat. 683. tained in section 35 of the Act of June 15, 1938 (40 U. S . C. 265), an amount administratively determined as necessary for the payment of salaries and expenses of personnel engaged upon the preparation of plans and specifications, field supervision, and general office expense, may be transferred and consolidated on the books of the Treasury Department into a special account for direct expenditure in the prose- cution of said work, such expenditures to be subsequently allocated and reported upon by projects in accordance with procedures prescribed by the General Accounting Office. Post, p. 914. PUBLIC ROADS ADMINISTRATION General administrative expenses: For the employment of persons and means, including rent, advertising (including advertising in the city of Washington for work to be performed in areas adjacent thereto), printing and binding (not to exceed $40,000), purchase (including exchange) of lawbooks, books of reference and periodicals, purchase of one hundred and twenty-one used or surplus passenger automobiles, and the preparation, distribution, and display of exhibits, in the city of Washington and elsewhere for the purpose of conducting research and investigational studies, either independently or in cooperation with State highway departments, or other agencies, including studies of highway administration, legislation, finance, economics, transport, con- struction, operation, maintenance, utilization, and safety, and of street and highway traffic control; investigations and experiments in the best methods of road making, especially by the use of local materials; and studies of types of mechanical plants and appliances used for road building and maintenance, and of methods of road repair and main- tenance suited to the needs of different localities; for maintenance and repairs of experimental highways; for furnishing expert advice on these subjects; for collating, reporting, and illustrating the results of same; and for preparing, publishing, and distributing bulletins and reports; to be paid from any moneys available from the administrative 39 Stat. 355. funds provided under the Act of July 11, 1916, as amended (23 U. S . C . 21), or as otherwise provided. FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAY SYSTEM rraolpostrton o r For carrying out the provisions of "An Act to provide that the 39 United States shall aid the States in the construction of rural post 2132tat. roads, and for other purposes", as amended (23 U. S . C. 1 -117), to 23 U:. c , Supp v, be expended in accordance with the provisions of said Act, as amended, Post, p. 86 . including not to exceed $1,812,500 for departmental personal services in the District of Columbia, $50,000,000, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended, which sum is a part of the 4 tat 867 amount authorized to be appropriated for the fiscal year 1943 bv section 54 Stat. 867. onvict labor. 1 of the Act approved September 5, 1940 (Public Law 780): Provided, That none of the money herein appropriated shall be paid to any State on account of any project on which convict labor shall be Chaes fr desig- employed, except this provision shall not apply to convict labor per- nated services. formed by convicts on parole or probation: Provided further, That, during the fiscal year 1947, whenever performing authorized engi- neering or other services in connection with the survey, construction, and maintenance, or improvement of roads for other Government and State cooperating agencies the charge for such services may include depreciation on engineering and road-building equipment used, and h it the amounts received on account of such charges shall be credited nance, etc. to the appropriation concerned: Provided further, That during the fiscal year 1947 the appropriations for the work of the Public Roads