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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 931-AUG. 9, 1946 September 8, 1939, but shall not be considered to have any leave accumu- lated or accrued as of the date of the enactment of this Act, or the date of discharge if prior to such date of enactment, in excess of the amount which would have been accumulated and accrued if their leave had been accumulated and accrued from and after September 8, 1939, on the same basis as leave is accumulated and accrued in the case of commissioned officers in the Regular components of their respective dave tBdaenon cal- branches of the armed forces. Except in the case of leave to be settled and compensated for under section 6 of this Act, leave may be taken by a member on a calendar-day basis as vacation or absence from duty with pay, annually as accruing or otherwise, in accordance with regu- etqual treatment, lations to be issued by the several Secretaries. Such regulations shall provide equal treatment for officers and enlisted men, shall establish to the fullest extent practicable uniform policies for the several branches of the armed forces, and shall provide that leave shall be taken annu- ally as accruing to the extent consistent with military requirements Reenlistment leave. and other exigencies. Members who reenlist after the date of enact- ment of this Act may be authorized reenlistment leave in the discretion of the Secretary, for a period not exceeding ninety days, and such leave shall be deducted from leave accrued during active service prior to reenlistment or charged against any leave which may accrue during Retiredmembersre- future active service or both. In the case of members who are retired called, etc., to active duty. after the date of enactment of this Act and after retirement are con- tinued on or recalled to active duty, leave accrued during service prior to retirement may be carried over to the period of service after retire- Leve taken prior to ment. Leave taken prior to discharge before or after the enactment of dilarge this Act shall be considered as active military service; but leave settled and compensated for under section 6 of this Act shall not be considered as active military service. Accumulated leave (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or of any other law or regulation, no member of the armed forces (other than a mem- ber on terminal leave on September 1, 1946) shall be permitted to accumulate or to have to his credit, at any time after August 31, 1946, accumulated or accrued leave aggregating in excess of sixty days. Compensable leave. SEC. 4. Leave to be settled and compensated for under section 6 of this Act shall be compensable as follows: Enlted members. (a) In the case of leave accumulated as an enlisted member of the armed forces, on the basis of the base and longevity pay applicable to such member on the date of his discharge from enlisted service if discharged before August 31, 1946, or on August 31, 1946, if not so discharged, and an allowance com- puted at the rate of 70 cents a day for subsistence, plus, in the case of enlisted members of the first three grades with depend- ents on August 31, 1946, or former enlisted members of the first three grades with dependents at the time of discharge if prior to such date, an allowance computed at the rate of $1.25 a day for quarters. sioned officers. (b) In the case of leave accumulated or accrued as a member of the armed forces as a warrant or commissioned officer, on the basis of the base and longevity pay and allowances appli- cable to such member on August 31, 1946. Oteleav. In the case of all other leave provided under this Act, members shall be entitled during such leave to the same pay and allowances they would receive if not on leave and to any additional or other allow- ance or allowances otherwise authorized or provided by law for Determination of members while on leave. Determination of the number of calendar number of days. days of leave to which a member or former member is entitled, including the number of calendar days of absence from duty or vacation to be counted or charged against such leave, shall be made [60 STAT.