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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1008

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INDEX Coast Guard-Continued Page Lighthouse Service- Date of termination of emergency in interpretation of provisions re- specting transfer of vessels, etc., to jurisdiction of Navy or War Department ------------------ 452 Navigation aids, special projects, re- duction in appropriation ------- 22 Retired pay, appropriation for------ 227 Mail clerks, adjustment of claims, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of provisions of Act of Dec. 7, 1945-------------------------- 453 Marblehead, Mass., conveyance------- 99 Marine Inspection and Navigation, for- mer Bureau of- Pay of certain personnel, exceeding of limitation with respect to------- 226 Transferred personnel, provisions re- specting eligibility for appoint- ment as commissioned officers; retirement, etc---------------- 410 Medals, decorations, etc., from certain foreign governments- Acceptance authorized; time limita- tion---------_- --- --- -.--- --- 93 Amendment------------------- 715 Date of termination of war in inter- pretation of provisions of Act of July 20, 1942 --------------- 453 Merchant marine inspection, salaries and expenses, transfer of funds to appro- priation for ------------------- ' 76 Metropolitan Police force band, D. C ., retired officer as director, appoint- ment authorized----------------- 311 Naval laws, applicability to Coast Guard personnel, date of termination of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of Aug. 29, 1916 ------------ 454 Naval postgraduate school, attendance of officers at-------------------- 706 Navigation aids, establishment and im- provement- Appropriation for----------------- 227 Reduction in appropriation--------- 22 Navigation and vessel-inspection laws, waiver of compliance with; time limitations -------------------- 33 Alien seamen, waivers for employ- ment, limitation -------------- 685 Overthrow of U. S . Government, restric- tion on employment of persons ad- vocating ---------------------- 233 Patrol craft, acquisition, date of termi- nation of emergency in interpreta- tion nf Act of Dea16. 1941-------- 454 Coast Guard-Continued Page Pay and allowances, funds for- - 113, 225, 702 Pay and allowances during periods of absence from duty, date of termi- nation of war in interpretation of Act of March 7, 1942------------ 453 Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, Amend- ments. See separatetitle. Personal property losses, appropriation for --------------------------- 226 Public Health Service officers on detail, per diem rates of allowance author- ized -------------------------- 225 Rear admiral, promotion to; pay and allowances --------------------- 410 Remains of certain persons buried out- side U. S., permanent interment outside U. S ., or evacuation and return------------------------ 779 Rental allowances, occupancy of Gov- ernment facilities under Military Establishment------- ---------- 572 Reserve- Clothing and clothing allowance for enlisted men------------------ 242 Eligibility of members for appoint- ment as commissioned officers - - 410 Establishment, etc., date of termina- tion of emergency in interpreta- tion of provisions of Act of Feb. 19, 1941 ------- ----------- 454 Warrant officers and chief warrant officers, eligibility of members for permanent appointment as----- 411 Reserve components, eligibility of mem- bers and retired members for ap- pointment as referee in bankrupt- cy------------------------- Retired personnel- Officers, ordering to active duty, etc., date of termination of war, etc., in interpretation of provisions of Act of July 1, 1918------------ Rear admirals recalled to active duty, pay, etc., date of termination of war, etc., in interpretation of Act of April 8, 1946--------------- Referee in bankruptcy, eligibility for appointment as--------------- Representatives of veterans' organi- zations in presentation of claims to Veterans' Administration --- Salaries and expenses, restriction on pay- ment of certain---------------- Selective Service Records, Office of, as- signment to without loss of status - Sockeye Salmon Fishery Act of 1947, power to arrest violators--------- 213 453 453 213 716 227 32 513 XXVII va Im.vva. --- --- --