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Emergency Appropriation Act, Page 1948- Continued Government Reports, Office of, appro- priation for--------------------- 244 Independent offices, appropriation for- 244 Interior, Department of the, authority for incurrence of certain obliga- tions -------------------------- 245 Labor, Department of, appropriation for ------------ _------------- 245 Veterans' Administration, appropriation for ----------------------- ---- 244 Emergency Boards, National Mediation Board, appropriation for --------- 61, 277 Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1932, Land Bank Commissioner, authoriza- tion to Reconstruction Finance Cor- poration for making funds available to, repeal of provisions respecting - _ 208 Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1933: Agricultural improvement districts, re- financing of, repeal of provisions - - 208 Taxes on real estate, authorization to re- ceiver to borrow money for pay- ment, repeal of provisions -------- 208 Emergency Fund for the President: Amnesty Board, President's, allocation of funds for------- ---- _-- - -- - - 585 Appropriation for; restriction --------- 585 Reduction in appropriation ----------- 18, 22 Emergency Health and Sanitation Activi- ties, appropriations for Public Health Service, date of termination of war in interpretation of provisions of Act of July 1, 1944 ---------------.. --- . 454 Emergency Management, Office for: Appropriation for--- --- . 16, 28, 59, 107, 586 Constituent agencies. See indioidual titles. Reduction in designated appropriations. 17 Emergency Powers, Certain, Repeals - - 449 Emergency Price Control Act of 1942: Amendments- Apparel, enforcement action against manufacturer, application for de- termination by manufacturer -- 619 Complaint, application for filing, objections to validity of provi- sions in certain cases----------- 619 Protest- Dismissal of; defense against com- plaint, etc., right of United States 619 Objections to provisions of certain orders, price schedules, etc., time limit on filing -------- 619 Rent control under, termination of----- 197 Sugar- Continuance in effect of certain pro- visions with respect to------ -- 35 Emergency Price Control Act of 1942 -Continued Sugar- Continued Restrictions and limitations on ap- plicability of certain provisions - Transfer of functions, etc., of Presi- dent and Price Administrator to Secretary of Agriculture----_ _- Emergency Relief and Construction Act of 1932: Regional agricultural credit corpora- tions, authority of Farm Credit Administration with respect to---- Repeals of designated sections ------- Employees, Government. See Govern- ment Employees. Employees' Compensation, Bureau of. See under Federal Security Agency. Employees' Compensation Act: Public Health Service, commissioned officers, claims, repeal of provisions of Act of July 1, 1944; effective date

__ ___ Student-employees of hospitals of Fed- eral Government, consideration as Government employees ----- ____ Employment Act of 1946, appropriation for functions of Council of Economic Advisers under --------- _____-___- Employment Security, Bureau of. See un- der Social Security Administration. Employment Service, United States. See United States Employment Service under Labor, Department of. Employment Taxes. See under Taxes. Enders Dam, Republican Basin, appropri- ation for-------------- ......----- Enemy Aliens. See Aliens; Interned Per- sons; Prisoners of War. Engineer School, Army, appropriation for maintenance -------------.- ..---- Engineers, Corps of. See under War De- partment. England, treaty provisions respecting mi- gratory birds, appropriation for effect- ing _____--.........------- _____ Engraving and Printing, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Engrossing of Bills or Joint Resolutions__ Enlisted Reserve Corps. See under Army. Enrolling of Bills or Joint Resolutions -- Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Bureau of. See under Agriculture, Depart- ment of. Estate Taxes, certain contributions to United Nations, deduction for tax purposes ----------- _____-----___ Ethiopia, appropriation for consular pris- ons, etc------.- --.- ---


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