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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1072

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INDEX Maritime Commission-Continued Navy Department, transfer of funds for care and handling of certain surplus vessels ----------- _-----____- Obligations- Essential vessels affected by Neutrali- ty Act, maintenance and adjust- ment, date of termination of emergency in interpretation of provisions of Act of June 29, 1936- Tax-exemption privileges of certain___ Pay costs, increased, appropriation for- Public Health Service, transfer of funds Page 700 454 180 114 to---------------------------- 604 Receipts from operations- Agent operators under revolving fund, application of receipts against certain expenses --------------- 698 Availability ----------------- 6, 190, 697 Liquidation of obligations, provision for ------------------- -- 697,698 Withdrawal of balance of funds----- 697 Shipping facilities, transfer during war, etc., date of termination of emer- gency in interpretation of provi- sions of Act of July 15, 1918------ 454 State marine schools, appropriation for reimbursement of States maintain- ing ------------------------- _ 604 Vessels- Operation of, continuation of authority 6, 190 Reconversion, allowance to purchas- ers for cost of putting in class--- 603 Transactions involving sale, etc., limi- tations on certain payments ----- 604 Transfer authorized ------------ 489, 558 War materials, lease, loan, etc., applica- bility of provisions of law, repeal of Act of May 2, 1941 ----------- . 450 Working fund, reduction in appropria- tions--------------------------- 18 Maritime Training, funds for ---- --- 114, 604 Market News Service, funds for------- 74, 543 Marketing Act of 1946, Agricultural, ap- propriation for effecting provisions of- 524 Marketing Administration. See Produc- tion and Marketing Administration under Agriculture, Department of. Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, Agri- cultural, marketing orders, function of President respecting approval of determinations of Secretary of Agri- culture, abolition------------------ 951 Marketing Agreements, Agricultural, loans from Reconstruction Finance Corpora- tion under Agricultural Adjustment Act, repeal of certain provisions re- specting -------------------------- 208 Marketing and Cooperative Research Proj- ects, amendment of provisions of Bankhead-Jones Act--------------- 694 Marketing Quotas. See under Agricul- Page tural Adjustment Act of 1938. Marketing Services, funds for----- 74, 543, 618 Marshals, U. S.: Salaries and expenses, appropriation for---------------------- 117, 186, 290 Sockeye Salmon Fishery Act of 1947, power to arrest violators----. .-- - 513 Maryland: American Telephone and Telegraph Company, conveyance by Navy Department, authorized--------- 13 Baltimore, easements- Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine ----------- 212 Lazzaretto depot------------------ 212 Fort McHenry, restoration, preserva- tion, etc., date of termination of emergency in interpretation of Act of March 3, 1925--------------- 453 Port Deposit, Naval Training Station, transfer of funds to appropriation for ---------------------- .. - - 68 Massachusetts: Marblehead, conveyance to----------- 99 Marine school, appropriation for main- tenance ----------------------- 604 New England Interstate Water Pollu- tion Control Compact, consent and approval of Congress------------ 682 Squantum, naval destroyer and sub- marine base, lease by Navy Depart- ment, date of termination of emer- gency in interpretation of Act of May 29, 1930------------------ 453 Maternal and Child Health Services: Grants to States- Appropriation for ---------------- 273 Transfer of funds from -----. .- -- -- 107 Maternal and Child Welfare: Salaries and expenses- Appropriation for ------------ -- - 272 Transfer of funds from----------- 72 McAlester, Okla., conveyance----------- 210 Meat Inspection: Authorization, establishments not sub- ject to Meat Inspection Act, repeal of Act of June 10, 1942---------- 449 Funds for----------------------- 73, 531 Medals, Decorations, Etc.: Foreign governments, certain- Acceptance by members of U. S . armed forces; time limitation - - 93 Amendment, inclusion of certain former officers and enlisted men 715 Date of termination of war in in- terpretation of provision of Act of July 20, 1942------------- 453 Cobelligerents, conferring on, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of Act of Dec. 17, 1942--- . 453 XCI