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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1076

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INDEX Moffett Field, Calif., wind tunnel, availa- Page bility of funds--------------------_ 600 Moisture Conservation Operations, appro- priation for---------- ..- - -- - ._ . 115, 461 Montana: Browning, Indian museum, appropria- tion for support------- .. . .. .. . . Fort Peck project, appropriation for -- Galen, tuberculosis sanatorium for treat- ment of Indians, appropriation authorized; condition ---- ... .... Hill County, conveyance------------ . Hungry Horse project, appropriation for construction --- _------ _ _-- --_ Indians, buildings and utilities, construc- tion, etc., appropriation for------ Irrigation projects, appropriation for- __ Oil and gas conservation, consent of Congress granted to extension and renewal of interstate compact con- cerning--............______ _____ Monterey, Calif., acquisition of land, etc., for naval postgraduate school------ . Montgomery County, Pa., conveyance in Norristown Borough ----- . .. .. .. . Montrose, Colo., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of ------------ Monuments, National. See National Monuments. Moorehead Dam, Yellowstone Basin, ap- propriation for-- ------ ___----_ Morocco, appropriation for consular pris- ons, etc... ---- . --- --- ---- --- . . . Morocco, Coast of, Cape Spartel and Tan- gier Light, appropriation for contribu- tion----.--------------------- Mortgage Association, Federal National, appropriation for ---------------- Mortgage Associations, National, alloca- tions of funds by Reconstruction Fi- nance Corporation, repeal of provi- sions of National Housing Act------ Mortgage Insurance. See Farm Tenant Act; National Housing Act, Amend- ments under Housing. Mosehart, John, Estate of, payment to Menominee Indian Mills to credit of account of ---------------------- Motion Picture Project, Library of Con- gress, appropriation for liquida- tion---.----------------

Motor Carriers. See Carriers. Motor Fuel Sold on Military, Etc., Reser- vation, Tax on; reports to State tax- ing authority ------------------- Mount McKinley National Park, appropri- ation for lodges, etc -------------- Mount Rainier National Park, appropria- tion for acquisition of lands------- 465 476 729 173 475 467 467 316 705 750 304 699 281 282 515 208 455 373 644 490 485 Mount Rushmore National Memorial, ap- Page propriation for_ ________-- --- --- -_ 621 Mount Weather, Va., transfer of U. S . Weather Bureau Station, etc., to Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior ____________------------_ 483 Munitions, Etc., temporary use by Govern- ment of project works for manufac- ture of, date of termination of state of war, etc., in interpretation of provi- sions of Act of June 10, 1920------ __ 451 Munitions Board. See under National Se- curity Act of 1947. Munitions Control Board, National, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of Act of Jan. 26, 1942, respect- ing omission, etc., of certain reports. 452 Muscat, appropriation for consular prisons, etc----------------------------- 281 Mustering-Out Payment Act of 1944: Amendment, limitation on payment -- . 192 Payments to certain persons discharged from Naval Academy or Military Academy for physical disability--- 552 Mystic, Conn., Marine Historical Associ- ation, transfer of Joseph Conrad to, authorized---------------------- 306 N Narcotics, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Narrows Dam, Platte Basin, appropriation for---.----.--.-------- --- - 699 Natchez, Miss., National Cemetery, con- veyance on completion of repairs to approach road ----------------- 687 National Advisory Committee for Aero- nautics: Aircraft, equipment, etc., transfer by Army and Navy---------------- 699 Aliens, compensation to, nonapplica- bility of restrictions in certain cases- 599 Appropriation for----- ---------- - 28, 599 Contract authority ------ _-------- 599 Moffett Field, Calif., wind tunnel, avail- ability of funds -------------- 600 Travel, increase in limitation on amount for--------------------------- 61 National Air Museum, appropriation for planning of ----------------- 602 National Arboretum, funds for------ -- 73, 534 National Archives: Appropriation for---------- 61, 109, 114, 600 Salary limitation, war-service employ- ees---------------------------- 600 National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice: Appropriation for ----------------- 5567 Care, etc., of ranges, details for; pay- ment-------------------------- 568 XCV