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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1130

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INDEX Trieste, Aid to. See Relief Assistance to Page Countries Devastated by War. Trona, income-tax percentage depletion_ 919, 920 Trout, Steelhead, nonapplicability of regu- lations respecting interstate transpor- tation of certain ---. _--.---------- 518 Trusteeship Agreement, Territory of Pa- cific Islands, approval by President on behalf of United States, authorized- _ 397 Tuberculosis Control, funds for - - 72, 107, 268 Tucker, John, Sr., Estate of, payment to Menominee Indian Mills to credit of account of ---- ___ _ ---.----------- 455 Tucker, Louis, Jr., payment to Menominee Indian Mills to credit of account of - 455 Tucson, Ariz., lease of public lands for avi- ation field, date of termination of state of war, etc., in interpretation of Act of April 12, 1926 ------------------- 451 Turkey: Assistance to, provisions respecting --- 103 Appropriation for------------------ 613 Tussock Moth Control, appropriationfor- 65 U Uinta National Forest, Utah, acquisition of lands for, appropriation for --------- 539 Unemployment Compensation Act, D. C., Amendment, contribution rates after termination of military service------ 494 Unemployment Compensation Adminis- tration. See Social Security Adminis- tration. Unemployment Tax Act, Federal, Amend. ment, allowance of voluntary contri- butions------------------- ------ 416 Unemployment Trust Fund: Federal unemployment account, author- ization of funds, etc ------------ 794 Railroad employees, applications for re- funds, time extension ------------ 793 State unemployment funds, advances to, change of dates affecting --------- 794 UNESCO. See United Nations Educa- tional, Scientific, and Cultural Organ- ization. Unification Act. See National Security Act of 1947. Uniform State Laws, National Conference of Commissioners on, appropriation for support by District of Columbia- 426 Union Catalogs, appropriation for ----- 114, 372 United Nations: Armed forces, members of- Admissions tax exemption, termina- tion date-------------------- Death, abatement of tax, termination date------------------------- 919 918 United Nations-Continued Pag" Armed forces, members of-Continued Free importation privileges, termina- tion date--------------------- 917 U. S . citizens or residents, allowance against gross income, termination date------------------------- 918 Children's Emergency Fund, Interna- tional- Appropriation for----------------- 613 Contributions by United States; limi- tations -------------------- 125, 939 Contributions to, certain, deduction from gross income for tax purposes- 6 Food and Agriculture Committee, ap- propriation for contribution by United States------------------- 282 Headquarters, permanent, agreement respecting -------------------- _ 758 Aerodrome-------------------- 759 Annex 1, definition of area---- ----- 766 Annex 2, maintenance of utilities and underground construction ------ 766 Communications and transit------- 761 Definitions ---------------------- 758 Disposition of property ---------- _ 759 Effectuation, authorization for------ 756 Headquarters district-------------- 758 Land, acquisition of, authority of President of United States; con- demnation proceedings-------_ 766 Appropriation authorized--------- 767 Law and authority in------------- . 760 Miscellaneous provisions ----------- 764 Operation of, matters relating to ---- 764 Police protection of headquarters district---------------------- 763 Postal service--------------------- 760 Public services and protection of head- quarters district--------------- 763 Racial or religious discrimination, pro- hibition of ------------------ 764 Radio facilities -------------

759 Resident representatives to United Nations -------------------- 762 Rights of United States ----------- 767 States, agreements with -------- .- - 767 Temporary headquarters, effective- ness of provisions of agreement with respect to, authority of President of United States------ 767 International Refugee Organization. See separate title. Military and Naval Staff Committee, senior members, rank, pay, etc---- 887 Military Staff Committee, U. S. repre- sentation on, duty of Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide.-- -- --- --- --- 505 CXLIX --