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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 144 _-- Postagerates. JOINT RESOLUTION To provide for permanent rates of postage on mail matter of the first class, and for other purposes -------------------------------------------- June 145 -_- Second War Powers Act, 1942, and Export Control Act, amend- ments. JOINT RESOLUTION To continue for a temporary period of fifteen days certain controls now exercised by the President under the Second War Powers Act, 1942, and under the Export Control Act -------- _

- June 146 --- International Refugee Organization. JOINT RESOLUTION Providing for membership and participation by the United States in the International Refugee Organization and author- izing an appropriation therefor .___ ___ _______------------ July 147 -_- Treasury and Post Office Departments Appropriation Act, 1948. AN ACT Making appropriations for the Treasury and Post Office Departments for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1948, and for other purposes --------------- ________________- July 148 --- Historic cemeteries on military posts. AN ACT To preserve his- toric graveyards in abandoned military posts -------------- July 149 --- Naval plantationsoutside U. S . AN ACT To amend the Act en- titled "An Act to provide for the management and operation of naval plantations, outside the continental United States", ap- proved June 28, 1944---------- -- ____________----- -__- July 150 --- Marine Corps, assignment of officers to supply duty. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Navy to appoint, for supply duty only, officers of the line of the Marine Corps, and for other purposes --------------------------- _ .-- - __ July 151 _-- Navy, etc., transportationof dependents and effects. AN ACT To amend the Acts of October 14,1942 (56 Stat. 786), as amended, and November 28, 1943 (57 Stat. 593), as amended, so as to authorize transportation of dependents and household effects of personnel of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to overseas bases--_ -- --- ---- --- --- --- --- ---- --- --- --- -- July 152 _-- Illinois, relinquishment of certain lands by U. S . AN ACT Re- linquishing to the State of Illinois certain right, title, or inter- est of the United States of America, and for other purposes__ July 153 --- Military leave for certain Federalemployees. AN ACT To amend existing laws relating to military leave of certain employees of the United States or of the District of Columbia so as to equal- ize rights to leave of absence and reemployment for such em- ployees who are members of the Enlisted or Officers' Reserve Corps, the National Guard or the Naval Reserve, and for other purposes -------------------------------------------- July 154 --- D. C. police and firemen, seniority rights. AN ACT To provide seniority benefits for certain officers and members of the Metro- politan Police force and of the Fire Department of the District of Columbia who are veterans of World War II and lost op- portunity for promotion by reason of their service in the armed forces of the United States ------------------------ July 155 --- Nationality Act, 1940, amendment. AN ACT To correct an error in section 342 (b) (8) of the Nationality Act of 1940, as amended_ July 156 --- American National Red Cross. JOINT RESOLUTION To grant authority for the erection of a permanent building for the American National Red Cross, District of Columbia Chapter, Washington, District of Columbia_ -- - -- - -- - -- July 157 --- Marine Corps memorial in D. C . JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the erection in the District of Columbia of a me- morial to the Marine Corps dead of all wars -------------- July 158 --- Pay Readjustment Act, 1942, amendment. AN ACT To further amend section 10 of the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, so as to provide for the clothing allowance of enlisted men of the Army, Marine Corps, and Marine Corps Reserve ---------- July 159 --- Olympic Games, participationof Army and Navy. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy to pay certain expenses incident to training, attendance, and participation of personnel of the Army of the United States and of the naval service, respectively, in the Seventh Winter Sports Olympic Games and the Fourteenth Olympic Games and for future Olympic games -------------- .-- ----- ----- July 160 -- _ Panama Canal, transfer of surplus supplies. AN ACT To au- thorize the transfer to the Panama Canal of property which is surplus to the needs of the War Department or Navy Department---------------------------------------- - July Date e 30, 1947 -- e 30, 1947- _- 1, 1947_-- 1, 1947_-- 1, 1947 -- xiii Page 213 214 214 216 234 1,1947___ 234 1, 1947___ 1, 1947--- 1, 1947___ 1, 1947___ 1, 1947___ 1, 1947-- 1, 1947___ 1, 1947_-- 235 236 237 238 240 240 241 242 1, 1947___ 242 1, 1947__ - 243 2,1947 -- 243