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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 88, 89--MAY 31, 1947 68 Stat. 748. SEC. 3. Section 4 of such Act (43 U. S. C., sec. 282) is amended to read as follows: Preferred right of "SEC. 4. For the period of ten years following September 27, 1944, on the revocation of any order of withdrawal or the filing of a plat of survey or resurvey opening lands to entry, the order or notice taking such action shall provide for a period of not less than ninety days before the date on which it otherwise becomes effective, in which per- sons of the classes entitled to credit for service, under the provisions of this Act, shall have a preferred right of application under the homestead or desert land laws, or the Small Tract Act of June 1, 1938 (52 Stat. 609), as amended (59 Stat. 467, 43 U. S. C ., sec. 682a), subject to the requirements of applicable law, except as against the prior existing valid settlement rights and preference rights conferred by existing laws or as against equitable claims subject to allowance and confirmation, and except where a revocation of an order of with- drawal is made in order to assist in a Federal land program other than one authorized by the homestead or desert land laws or by said Small Tract Act of June 1, 1938, as amended. During the same period if the Secretary of the Interior shall, without a prior petition therefor, classify any land as being suitable for disposition under the said Small Tract Act of June 1, 1938, as amended, the order of classification shall provide a similar preference right of application under that Act, subject to the exceptions contained in this section." Approved May 31, 1947. [CHAPTER 89] May 31, 1947 AN ACT [H.R. 1844] To authorize the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs to grant easements in lands [Public Law 83] belonging to the United States under his supervision and control, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the eterains'Affairs. United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Adminis- Authority to grant trator of Veterans' Affairs, whenever he deems it advantageous to the easements, etc. Government and upon such terms and conditions as he deems advisable, is hereby authorized on behalf of the United States to grant to any State, or any agency or political subdivision thereof, or to any public- service company easements in and rights-of-way over lands belonging to the United States which are under his supervision and contro. Use by public util- Such grant may include the use of such easements or rights-of-way by es public utilities to the extent authorized and under the conditions imposed by the laws of such State relating to use of public highways. State Jurisdiction Such partial, concurrent, or exclusive jurisdiction over the areas covered by such easements or rights-of-way, as the Administrator of Veterans' Affairs deems necessary or desirable, is hereby ceded to the State in which the land is located. The Administrator of Veterans' Affairs is hereby authorized to accept or secure on behalf of the United States from the State in which is situated any land conveyed in exchange for any such easement or right-of-way, such jurisdiction as he may deem necessary or desirable over the land so acquired. Reversion of title, Any such easement or right-of-way shall be terminated upon abandon- ment or nonuse of the same and all right, title, and interest in the land covered thereby shall thereupon revert to the United States or its assignee. Approved May 31, 1947. 124 [61 STAT.