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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 186 -JULY 1, 1947 price in excess of the following for models with carriages which will accommodate paper of the following widths, to wit: Ten inches (correspondence models), $77; twelve inches, $82.50; fourteen inches, $85.25; sixteen inches, $90.75; eighteen inches, $96.25; twenty inches, $103.40; twenty-two inches, $104.50; twenty-four inches, $107.25; twenty-six inches, $113.85; twenty-eight inches, $114.40; thirty inches, $115.50; thirty-two inches, $118.25; or, for standard typewriting machines distinctively quiet in operation, the maximum prices shall be as follows for models with carriages which will accommodate paper of the following widths, to wit: Ten inches, $88; twelve inches, $93.50; fourteen inches, $99; eighteen inches, $104.50: Provided, That there may be added to such prices the amount of Federal excise taxes paid or payable with respect to any such machines. Printing and binding: For printing and binding for the Bureau of Federal Supply, including printed forms and miscellaneous items for general use of the Treasury Department, the cost of transportation to field offices of printed and bound material and the cost of necessary packing boxes and packing materials, $170,000, together with not to exceed $4,000 to be transferred from the general supply fund, Treasury Department. COAST GUARD For all salaries and expenses of the Coast Guard, $100,000,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay any enlisted man of the Coast Guard while detailed for duty at Coast Guard headquarters if such detail increases above thirty the total number of enlisted men detailed to such duty at any time: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be used for increased pay for making aerial flights by nonflying officers or observers at rates in excess of those prescribed by law for the Army, which shall be the legal maximum rates as to such nonflying officers or observers: Pro- vided further, That expenditures out of the foregoing appropriation shall not exceed the limitations set forth in the following categories, namely: Office of Commandant: For personal services at the seat of govern- ment, not to exceed $2,000,000; Pay and allowances: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for commissioned officers, cadets, warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted personnel, active and retired, temporary cooks, surfmen, sub- stitute surfmen, and six civilian instructors; retired pay for certain members of the former Life Saving Service authorized by the Act approved April 14, 1930 (14 U. S. C. 178a); not exceeding $10,000 for cash prizes for men for excellence in boatmanship, gunnery, target practice, and engineering competitions, transportation of dependents of Coast Guard personnel on active duty and retired and Reserve officers and of retired and Reserve enlisted personnel, of grades entitled to transportation of dependents in the Regular Coast Guard, when ordered to active duty (other than training) and upon relief there- from; carrying out the provisions of the Act of June 4,1920 (34 U. S . C . 943); not to exceed $20,000 for cost of special instruction, including books, laboratory equipment and fees, school supplies, and maintenance of students; motion-picture and other equipment for instructional pur- poses; rations or commutation thereof for cadets, petty officers. other enlisted personnel, and members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary when assigned specific duties under the provisions of section 8, Act of Feb- ruary 19, 1941, as amended (14 U. S . C . 267), mileage and expenses allowed by law for officers, including per diem rates of allowance, and the Secretary is hereby authorized to prescribe per diem rates of allowance for Public Health Service officers detailed to the Coast 95347°-48 -pt. 1 -15 225 Post, p . 702. Details at head- quarters, restriction. Increased pay for aerial flights, restric- tion. Post, p. 702. 46 Stat. 164. Post, p . 674. Cash prizes. Transportation of dependents. 41 Stat. 824 . 55 Stat. 10. Per diem rates for PHS offcers.