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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/294

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r270 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 210-JULY 8, 1947 [61 STAT. including research fellowship and grants for research projects pur- 8 Stlat. 6 241. suant to section 301 of the Act (including the purchase and distribution of penicillin and other antibiotic compounds for use in research projects for which grants are made); the regulation and preparation of biologic products; the purchase of six passenger motor vehicles; and maintenance of buildings; $9,626,000. National Cancer Institute: To enable the Surgeon General, upon the recommendations of the National Advisory Cancer Council, to make grants-in-aid for research and training projects relating to cancer, including grants for erection of buildings and acquisition of land therefor; to cooperate with State health agencies in the preven- tion, control, and eradication of cancer by providing consultative services, demonstrations, and grants-in-aid; and to otherwise carry 58 uts7 c. 5t2s1- out the provisions of title IV of the Act, including the purchase of 28s. twelve passenger motor vehicles, and including $500,000 which shall be transferred to the appropriation "National Institute of Health, operating expenses", $14,500,000, of which such amount as may be necessary in carrying out the purposes of this appropriation may be transferred to the appropriation "Pay, and so forth, commissioned sgerhandtra- officers, Public Health Service": Provided, That such parts of the amount appropriated under this head as the Surgeon General shall determine from time to time to be available for research and training grants shall remain available until expended. Construction of research facilities: For the acquisition of a site, and the preparation of plans, specifications, and drawings, for addi- tional research buildings and a six-hundred-bed clinical research hospital and necessary accessory buildings related thereto to be used in general medical research, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended, $2,650,000, which amount, except such part as may be neces- sary for the incidental expenses of the Public Health Service, shall be transferred to the Public Buildings Administration for the perform- ance of the work for which the appropriation is made. Commissioned officers, pay, and so forth: For pay, uniforms and subsistence allowances, increased allowances for foreign service and commutation of quarters for not to exceed one thousand two hundred and forty-six regular active commissioned officers; for retired pay of regular and reserve commissioned officers; and for six months' death gratuity pay and burial payments for regular commissioned officers; Appointment ofof- $5,750,300: Provided, That not to exceed thirty-six officers may be senior assistant appointed to grades above that of senior assistant and for purposes of pay and pay period any person so appointed shall be considered as having had on the date of appointment service equal to the promo- tion service credited to the Junior officer of the grade to which appointed. Training for nurses: For continuing in training student nurses tat. 153. enrolled prior to October 16, 1945, under the provisions of the Act of June 15, 1943, as amended (50 U. S. C., App. 1451, and the follow- ing), $4,500,000, of which not to exceed $348,792 shall be available for administrative expenses, including printing and binding and Ts olrund. travel: Provided, That this appropriation is hereby made available for transfer to and consolidation with appropriations of Saint Eliza- beths and Freedmen's Hospitals, in such amounts as may be deemed necessary by the Federal Security Administrator, to cover the cost of items furnished to student nurses in training under plans approved for such hospitals in accordance with said Act. Salaries and expenses: For the divisions and offices of the Office of the Surgeon General and for miscellaneous expenses of the Public Health Service not appropriated for elsewhere, including the super- vision of sanitary engineering and dental operations of the Public