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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 210-JULY 8, 1947 Transfer of funds. 53 Stat. 561, 1423; 54 Stat. 1231; 59 Stat. 613; 60 Stat. 1095, 1097. 5 U. S. C. §§ 133-133t note, 133y-133y-16. Transfer of funds. 60 Stat. 843. 28U.8.C.Ji921, 922. Citation of title. National Labor Re- lations Board Appro- priation Act, 1948. Ante, pp. 118, 187, 188, 245; post, pp. 361, 608, 609. Post, p. 616. I'oit, p. 616 . Post, p. 616. 58 Stat. 394. 39U.S.C.§ 321d. Post, p. 616 . Unflled complaint eases. Notice ofagreement. may be expended by advances or grants of funds or otherwise, to such Federal or other agencies as the Administrator may designate. In order that the Administrator may effectuate reorganization plans submitted and approved pursuant to the Reorganization Acts of 1939 and 1945 he may transfer to the foregoing appropriations under this title from funds available for administrative expenses of the constituent units of the Federal Security Agency such sums as represent a consolidation in the Office of the Administrator of any of the administrative functions of said constituent units: Provided, That no such transfer of funds shall be made unless the consolidation of administrative functions will result in a reduction of administrative salary and other expenses and such reduction is accompanied by savings in funds appropriated to the Federal Security Agency which savings shall not be expended for any other purpose but shall be impounded and returned to the Treasury. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to transfer to the con- stituent organizations of the Federal Security Agency from appro- riations for travel expenses and printing and binding, Federal ecurity Agency, such amounts as the Administrator may request; amounts so transferred shall be set up on the books of the Treasury under suitable titles and shall be available for the same purposes and subject to the same limitations as the appropriations from which transferred: Provided, That balances of any amounts so transferred, or any part of such balances shall, upon request of the Administrator, be retransferred to the appropriations for travel expenses and printing and binding, Federal Security Agency. Appropriations under this title available for administrative expenses (other than those exclusively for salaries) shall be available for the payment of claims pursuant to part 2 of the Federal Tort Claims Act of August 2,1946 (Public Law 601). This title may be cited as the "Federal Security Agency Appropria- tion Act, 1948". TITLE III-NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD Salaries: For three Board members of the National Labor Relations Board and other personal services of the Board in the District of Columbia and elsewhere necessary in performing the duties authorized by law, $3,750,000. Miscellaneous expenses: For necessary expenses, other than salaries of the National Labor Relations Board in performing duties authorized by law, including repairs and alterations; contract stenographic reporting services; and not to exceed $1,000 for the hire of passenger motor vehicles; $900,000. Penalty mail costs: For deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail of the National Labor Relations Board as required by section 2 of the Act of June 28, 1944, $24,700. Printing and binding: For printing and binding for the National Labor Relations Board, $300,000. No part of the funds appropriated in this title shall be used in any way in connection with a complaint case arising over an agreement, or a renewal thereof, between an employer and a labor organization which represents a majority of his employees in their appropriate bargaining unit, which has been in existence for three months or longer without complaint being filed by an employee or employees of such plant: Provided, That, hereafter, notice of such agreement or a renewal thereof shall have been posted in the plant affected for said period of three months, said notice containing information as to the location at an accessible place of such agreement where said agreement shall be open for inspection by any interested person: [61 STAT.