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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 211-JULY 9, 1947 [61 STAT. Operation and administration: For the general operation and administration of the Bureau; improvement and care of the grounds; plant equipment; maintenance and protection of buildings, including repairs and alterations thereto; $1,450,000. Research and testing: For calibrating and certifying measuring instruments, apparatus, and standards in terms of the national stand- ards; the preparation and distribution of standard materials; the testing of equipment, materials, and supplies in connection with Gov- ernment purchases; the improvement of methods of testing- advisory services to governmental agencies on scientific and technical matters; the maintenance and development of national standards of measure- ment; the development of improved methods of measurement; the determination of physical constants and the properties of materials; the investigation of mechanisms and structures, including their economy, efficiency, and safety; the study of fluid resistance and the flow of fluids and heat; the investigation of radiation, radioactive substances, and X-rays; the study of conditions affecting radio trans- mission; the broadcasting of radio signals of standard frequency; the development of methods of chemical analysis and synthesis, and the investigation of the properties of rare substances; investigations relat- ing to the utilization of materials, including lubricants and liquid fuels; the study of new processes and methods of fabrication; the solutions of problems arising in connection with standards; cooperation with Government purchasing agencies, industries, and national organiza- tions in developing specifications and facilitating their use; encourage- ment of the application of the latest developments in the utilization and standardization of building materials; the development of engi- neering and safety codes, simplified practice recommendations, and commercial standards of quality and performance; and the compilation of and dissemination of scientific and technical data; $6,000,000. etatiprn d aui'l- Purchase and installation of betatron: For the purchase and installa- tion of a betatron and auxiliary equipment, and the construction of an annex to the X-radiation laboratory of the National Bureau of Stand- ards with underground chambers for housing the betatron, for the purpose of conducting studies of X- and beta-radiation above 1.4 million volts, $415,000, to remain available until expended. Not to exceed $100,000 of funds available to the Bureau shall be o0stat. 10 . available for temporary services as authorized by section 15 of the U. 0.C. . Act approved August 2, 1946 (Public Law 600). WBAT.'R ButBAu Pt, p. m. 81Stat. 63 . Stat. 1012 . Po, p. 40. 28tat. 1014;60 Stat. 94' 49U.8.C.I. 3. 60 Stat. 138. 51788. Mautenane, ete., f airplane. Salaries and expenses: For expenses necessary for carrying into effect in the United States and possessions, on ships at sea, an else- where when directed by the Secretary, the provisions of sections 1 and 3 of an Act approved October 1, 1890 (15U.S. C. 811-313), the Act approved October 29, 1942 (15 U. S. C. 323), section 803 of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 (49 U. S . C . 603) as amended by Public Law 691 dated August 8, 1946, and section 308 of an Act approved April 30, 1946 (Public Law 370), including investigations of atmospheric phenomena; cooperation with other public agencies and societies and institutions of learning; personal services at the seat of government; purchase (for replacement only) of seven passenger motor vehicles; maintenance, operation, and repair of one airplane; repair, alterations, and improvements to existing buildings and care and preservation of grounds, including the construction of necessary outbuildings and sidewalks on public streets abutting Weather Bureau grounds; the erection of temporary buildings for living and working quarters of observers; telephone rentals, and telegraphing, telephoning, and cabling reports and messages, rates to be fixed by the Secretary by 300