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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 262-JULY 17, 1947 upholsterer, $2,460; janitors-chief, $3,200; assistant, $1,860; female attendants in charge of ladies' retiring rooms-two at $1,560 each in lieu of four at $1,560 each; laborers-twenty-seven at $1,320 each in lieu of twenty-six at $1,320 each; four at $540 each in lieu of three at $540 each. OFFICES OF THE SECRETARIES FOR THE MAJORITY AND THE MINORITY For the offices of the secretary for the majority and the secretary for the minority, heretofore included under the office of the Sergeant at Arms, $43,120. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE SENATE Legislative reorganization: For salaries and expenses, legislative reorganization, including the objects specified in Public Law 663, Seventy-ninth Congress, $100,000. Senate policy committees: For salaries and expenses of the Majority Policy Committee and Minority Policy Committee, $41,000 for each such committee; in all, $82,000. Joint Committee on the Economic Report: For salaries and expenses of the Joint Committee on the Economic Report, as authorized by Public Law 304, Seventy-ninth Congress, $70,000. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy: For salaries and expenses of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, including the objects specified in Public Law 20, Eightieth Congress, $150,000. Joint Committee on Printing: For salaries for the Joint Committee on Printing, $19,710, and for expenses of compiling, preparing, and indexing the Congressional Directory, $1,600; in all, $21,310. Vice President's Automobile: For purchase, exchange, driving, maintenance, and operation of an automobile for the Vice President, $5,000. Automobiles for majority and minority leaders: For purchase, exchange, driving. maintenance, and operation of two automobiles, one for the majority leader of the Senate, and one for the minority leader of the Senate, $10,000. Reporting Senate proceedings: For reporting the debates and pro- ceedings of the Senate, payable in equal monthly installments, $100,260. Furniture: For services in cleaning, repairing, and varnishing fur- niture, $2,760. Furniture: For materials for furniture and repairs of same, exclusive of labor, and for the purchase of furniture, $12,000. Inquiries and investigations: For expenses of inquiries and investi- gations ordered by the Senate or conducted pursuant to section 134 (a) of Public Law 601, Seventy-ninth Congress, including compensation for stenographic assistance of committees at such rates and in accord- ance with such regulations as may be prescribed by the Committee on Rules and Administration, but not exceeding the rate of 25 cents per hundred words for the original transcript of reported matter; and including $50,000 for the Committee on Appropriations for the pur- poses mentioned in Senate Resolution Numbered 193, agreed to October 14, 1943, and Public Law 20, Eightieth Congress. $650,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for per diem and subsistence expenses, except in accordance with the provisions of the Subsistence Expense Act of 1926, approved June 3, 1926, as amended. Folding documents: For folding speeches and pamphlets at a basic rate not exceeding $1 per thousand, $25,000. 363 Post, p. 610. Post, p. 611 . 60 Stat. 910. 60 Stat. 23. 15U.S. C.. i1021- 1024. Ante, p. 16. 60 Stat. 831. Ante, p. 14. 44 Stat. 688. 5U.S.C.§81.