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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/389

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61 STAT.] SOrH CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CH. 262-JULY 17, 1947 OFFICE OF THE CLERK For the Office of the Clerk, $384,335: Provided,That one position of clerk at the basic rate of $2,340 is hereby abolished and in lieu thereof there shall be an additional assistant Journal clerk at the basic rate of $2,860: Provided further, That the following positions and basic rates of compensation are established under the Joint Recording Facility: Director of studios, $3,240; chief engineer, $2,220; first assistant engineer, $1,800; second assistant engineer, $1,680; secretary, $1,500. COMMITTEE EMPLOYEES Pot, p. 611 . For committee employees, including a sum not to exceed $165,000 for the Committee on Appropriations, $1,521,750. OFFICE OF THE SERGEANT AT ARMS For Office of the Sergeant at Arms, $274,635. Pos t d. .69 OFFICE OF THE DOORKEEPER For Office of the Doorkeeper, $459,530: Provided,That the salaries of pages shall cover the periods from July 1 to July 31, 1947, inclusive, and from January 1 to June 30, 1948, inclusive, at the basic salary rate of $1,800 per annum each: Provided further, That the salary of the superintendent, House Periodical Press Gallery, shall be at the basic rate of $3,000. SPECIAL AND MINORITY EMPLOYEES For six minority employees, $35,890. For three special employees, $7,040. For office of the majority floor leader, including $2,000 for official expenses of the majority leader, $32,825. For office of the minority floor leader, $24,260: Provided, That the title of the position of "janitor" is hereby changed to "messenger". For two messengers, one in the majority caucus room and one in the minority caucns room, to be appointed by the majority and minority whips, respectively, $5,105. For two printing clerks, one for the majority caucus room and one for the minority caucus room, to be appointed by the majority and minority leaders, respectively, $5,820. For two clerks, one for the majority whip and one for the minority whip, to be appointed by said whips, respectively, $8,580. For a technical assistant in the office of the attending physician, to be appointed by the attending physician, subject to the approval of the Speaker, $5,120. OFFICE OF THE POSTMASTER For Office of the Postmaster, $135,480. OFFICIAL REPORTERS OF DEBATES For official reporters of debates, $100,865. OFFICIAL REPORTERS TO COMMITTEES For official reporters to committees, $84,725: Provided,That here- Trascripts o hear- after any sums received from the sales of copies of transcripts of hearings of committees reported by such reporters shall be covered into the Treasury as "Miscellaneous receipts". 365