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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 262-JULY 17, 1947 subcommittee during such period, and such information when reported shall be published in the Congressional Record. The first such report shall cover the period beginning on January 3, 1947, and ending on June 30, 1947, and succeeding reports shall cover the six months' period ending on the preceeding December 31 or June 30, as the case may be. The information required to be reported and published shall be m lieu of the information required to be reported and published 60 Stat. 832 . under section 134 (b) of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, as amended, in the case of committees of the House and their subcommittees. CAPITOL POLICE Pot, p.69 General expenses: For purchasing and supplying uniforms, pur- chase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor-propelled pas- senger-carrying vehicles, contingent expenses, including $25 per month for extra services performed by a member of such force for the Capitol Police Board, $15,500. CanitolBuldingds Capitol Police Board: To enable the Capitol Police Board to provide Additional protec- additional protection for the Capitol Buildings and Grounds, including the Senate and House Office Buildings and the Capitol Power Plant, $8,600. Such sum shall only be expended for payment for salaries and other expenses of personnel detailed from the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia, and the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are authorized and directed to make such details upon the personnel. request of the Board. Personnel so detailed shall, during the period of such detail, serve under the direction and instructions of the Board and is authorized to exercise the same authority as members of such Reimbursement for Metropolitan Police and members of the Capitol Police and to perform salaries. etc. such other duties as may be assigned by the Board. Reimbursement for salaries and other expenses of such detail personnel shall be made to the government of the District of Columbia, and any sums so reim- bursed shall be credited to the appropriation or appropriations from which such salaries and expenses are payable and be available for all Dotails from Metro the purposes thereof: Provided, That any person detailed under the authority of this paragraph or under similar authority in the Legis- 5sstat. 45,. lative Branch Appropriation Act, 1942, and the Second Deficiency 54 Stat. 629 . Appropriation Act, 1940, from the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia shall be deemed a member of such Metropolitan Police during the period or periods of any such detail for all purposes of rank, pay, allowances, privileges, and benefits to the same extent as though such detail had not been made, and at the termination thereof any such person who was a member of such police on July 1, 1940 shall have a status with respect to rank, pay, allowances, privileges, and benefits which is not less than the status of such person in such police at the end of such detail. Disbursement. The foregoing amounts under "Capitol Police" shall be disbursed by the Clerk of the House. OFFICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL For salaries and expenses of maintenance of the Office of the Legislative Counsel, as authorized by law, including increased and additional compensation as provided by the "Federal Employees 2 stat. 295; 60 tat. Pay Act of 1945", as amended by the "Federal Employees Pay Act of 5 u.. s C§ m011946", $160,000, of which $80,000 shall be disbursed by the Secretary Pt,p. m . of the Senate and $80,000 by the Clerk of the House of Representatives. [61 STAT.