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376 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 262-JULY 17, 1947 [61 STAT. report of the Secretary of Agriculture (known as the Year-book of Agriculture). Printing and binding for Congress chargeable to the foregoing appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on Printing of either House, shall be so recommended in a report con- taining an approximate estimate of the cost thereof, together with a statement from the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress within the fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. rPaymen't for rk During the fiscal year 1948 any executive department or independent ordered by depart- ments,etc establishment of the Government ordering printing and binding or blank paper and supplies from the Government Printing Office shall pay promptly by check to the Public Printer upon his written request, either in advance or upon completion of the work, all or part of the estimated or actual cost thereof, as the case may be, and bills rendered by the Public Printer in accordance herewith shall not be subject to Adjustmens. audit or certification in advance of payment: Provided, That proper adjustments on the basis of the actual cost of delivered work paid for in advance shall be made monthly or quarterly and as may be agreed redit of pants upon by the Public Printer and the department or establishment con- to workingcapita cerned. All sums paid to the Public Printer for work that he is authorized by law to do; all sums received from sales of wastepaper, other waste material, and condemned property; and for losses or damage to Government property; shall be deposited to the credit, on the books of the Treasury Department, of the appropriation made for the working capital of the Government Printing Office and be subject to requisition by the Public Printer. fmployees detailed No part of any money appropriated in this Act shall be paid to any for service in exeeu- tive branch, person employed in the Government Printing Office while detailed for or performing service in the executive branch of the public service of the United States unless such detail be authorized by law. OFFICE OF SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS Salaries: For the Superintendent of Documents, assistant superin- 42 Stat. 1488. tendent and other personal services in accordance with the Classifica- 5u.s .c .§silete. tion Act of 1923, as amended, and compensation of employees who shall be subject to the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to 43 Stat.s regulate and fix rates of pay for employees and officers of the 44so. .a .54 Government Printing Office", approved June 7, 1924 (44 U. S. C.), $1,321,500. General expenses: For furniture and fixtures, typewriters, carpets, labor-saving machines and accessories, time stamps, adding and num- bering machines, awnings, curtains, books of reference; directories, books, miscellaneous office and desk supplies, paper, twine, glue, envelopes, postage, carfares, soap, towels, disinfectant, and ice; dray- age, express, freight, telephone, and telegraph service; traveling expenses (not to exceed $200); repairs to buildings, elevators, and machinery; rental of equipment; preserving sanitary condition of building; light, heat, and power; stationery and office printing, including blanks, price lists, bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes; for supplying books to depository libraries; in all, $370,000: Pro- tory bforar deis - sded, That no part of this sum shall be used to supply to depository libraries any documents, books, or other printed matter not requested by such .libraries, and the requests therefor shall be subject to approval by the Superintendent of Documents.