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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/416

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PUBLIC LAWS--H. 268 -JULY 18, 1947 Use of naval service appropriations. Navy funds. Restriction on use. Time-measuring de- vices, restriction. Cash rewards, etc. CONTINGENT EXPENSES For technical reference and lawbooks, periodicals, and photostating for Department library; purchase of photographs, maps, documents, and pictorial records of the Navy, photostating and other necessary incidental expenses in connection with the preparation for publication of the naval records of the war with the Central Powers of Europe; stationery, furniture, newspapers, plans, drawings, and drawing mate- rials; purchase, maintenance, repair, and operation of motortrucks and other necessary expenses of the Navy Department and its various bureaus and offices; $1,000,000: Provided, That it shall not be lawful to expend, unless otherwise specifically provided by law, for any of the offices or bureaus of the Navy Department in the District of Columbia. any sum out of appropriations made for the naval service for any of the purposes mentioned or authorized in this paragraph. PRINTING AND BINDING For printing and binding for the Navy Departmenit and the Naval Establishment executed at the Government Printing Office, $2,750,000. CONTINGENT AND MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES, HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE For all necessary expenses (except salaries) for the maintenance and operation of the Hydrographic Office at the seat of government and for all necessary salaries and expenses for the branch offices, including purchase and printing of nautical books, charts, and sailing directions; modernization, care, and repair of lithographic presses and machinery; pilot and aeronautical charts; $975,000. CONTINGENT AND MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES, NAVAL OBSERVATORY For engravings, photographs, and fixtures for the library; appa- ratus and instruments, and repairs of the same; repairs to buildings (including quarters), fixtures, and fences; cleaning, repair, and upkeep of grounds and roads; furniture and furnishings for offices and quarters, gas, chemicals, paints, and stationery, including trans- mission of public documents through the Smithsonian exchange, foreign post:ge; plants, seeds, and fertilizers; materials needed for the maintenance and repair of boilers, engines, heating apparatus, electric lighting and power, and water supply: rental of tabulating and other mechanical equipment; and other necessary expenses, $50,000. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 102. No part of any appropriation made for the Navy shall be expended for any of the purposes herein provided for on account of the Navy Department at the seat of government, including personal services of civilians, except as expressly authorized by law. SEC. 103. No part of the appropriations made in this Act shall be available for contracts with any person, firm, or corporation to make or cause to be made with a stop watch or other time-measuring device a time study of any job of any employee; no part of the appropria- tions made in this Act shall be available for the salary or pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, foreman, or other person or persons having charge of the work of any employee of the United States Gov- ernment while making or causing to be made with a stop watch or other time-measuring device a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion thereof, or of the movements of any such employee while engaged upon such work; nor shall any part of the appropriations made in this Act be available to pay any pre- miums or bonus or cash reward to any employee in addition to his 392 [61 STAT.