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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/427

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1ST SESS. -CHS. 296, 298-JULY 22, 23, 1947 each such building as in their judgment requires inspection, super- vision or regulation by any municipal agency or agencies, and to fix a Schedule offees. schedule of license fees therefor in such amount as, in their judgment, will be commensurate with the cost to the District of Columbia of such inspection, supervision or regulation: Provided, however, That no Dwellings, etc., not license shall be required for single-family or two-family dwellings, nor for a rooming house offering accommodations for no more than four roomers." SEC. 4. This Act shall become effective sixty days after its passage Effective date. and approval. Approved July 22, 1947. [CHAPTER 298] AN ACT July 23, 1947 To incorporate the AMVETS, American Veterans of World War II. [H. R . 1888] [Public Law 216] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following AMVTS persons, to wit: Jack W. Hardy, 7421 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, California; Elmo Keel, 4085 Minnesota Avenue Northeast, Washington, District of Columbia; William Enters, suite 1509-1511, 11 South LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois; Doctor Gerald I. Cetrulo, 166 Bloomfield Avenue, Newark, New Jersey; Norman Clock, 125 South Fourth Street, Reading, Pennsylvania; Floyd Williams, C-2 704 North Monroe Street, Arlington, Virginia; Reverend Joseph T. O'Callaghan, United States Navy Department, Washington, District of Columbia; George R. Porter, 1730 South Adams Street, Fort Worth, Texas; Robert E. McLaughlin, 800 South Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia; Ray Sawyer, Plymouth, New Hamp- shire; James C. Tate, 2 Wilton Road, Rural Free Delivery Num- bered 5, Alexandria, Virginia; George E. Burke, 1126 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida; A. Ronald Button, 6331 Holly- wood Boulevard, Hollywood 28, California; Americus Lamberti, 515 West Seventh Street, Plainfield, New Jersey; Emory S. McNider, Coffeyville, Alabama; Allen Hansen, 815 East Broadway, Tucson, Arizona; Edward S. Shattuck, 1400 North Hobart Boulevard, Los Angeles, California; Elvon L. Howell, 652 Gilpin Street, Denver, Colorado; William N. Welsh, 21 Bristol Street, West Haven, Connecticut; Francis D. Odell, 18 Lawson Avenue, Claymont, Delaware; George Lewis, 125 State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia; Lee Witaski, 1438 Thorndale Avenue, Chicago, Illinois; Doctor Clyde Iongstreth, Atlantic, Iowa; Harry N. Gillig, Junior, 612 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas; John H. Ostertag, 955 Charles Street, Louisville, Kentucky; Otto E. Passman, 114-120 Walnut Street, post-office drawer 1833, Monroe, Louisiana; Doctor G. E. Marrone, 610 Fairview Avenue, Frederick, Maryland; Howard J. McDonald, 4 College Street, Lewiston, Maine; Edward J. Beauchamp, 4 College Street, Lewiston, Maine; Albert J. Reynolds, Tremont Temple Build- ing, Boston, Massachusetts; Neil Holland, 401 Charlevoix Building, 2033 Park Avenue, Detroit, Michigan; Monte M. Korn, 18041 Wash- burn, Detroit, Michigan; Raymond D. Vosburgh, 222% West Lewis Street, Mankato, Minnesota; George R. Gess, box 47, Mount Olive, Mississippi; Henry W. Simpson, room 500, 119 North Seventh Street, Saint Louis, Missouri; R. C . Letcher, Billings Fire Department, Billings, Montana; Doctor A. D. Faier, 1102 Medical Arts Building, Omaha, Nebraska; Jay J. Strode, Wells, Nevada; N. L . Samaha, C-l, 1 Keeble Street, PIymouth, New Hampshire; William Hepp, 1918 Liberty Bank BuilBuilding, Buffalo, New York; Huston W. Galyen, 403