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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 322, 323-JULY 25, 1947 July 25, 1947 [H. R. 2314] [Public Law 236] Naval Aviation Ca- det Act of 1942, amendment. 34 U.S .C . 850k. Payment on release from active duty. 34U.S.C.§§849 notes, 853c. Payment to bene- ficiaries, etc. custody and control over, that portion of Fort McIntosh at Laredo, Texas, described as follows: A tract containing sixty-five and twenty- five one-hundredths acres, more or less, shown as tract 2 on drawing numbered 7125-08 of the United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, and on field notes attached thereto, which drawing and field notes are on file with said United States Section, with the Federal Public Housing Authority, and with the War Assets Administration; together with the improvements and buildings hereon located, and such of the furnish- ings, equipment, and other personal property situated at Fort McIntosh and under the jurisdiction of the War Assets Administration, and which has heretofore been declared surplus, as may be needed for the maintenance, operation, and protection of the area described and improvements thereon, and for purposes incidental to the use of such property by the said United States Section as a field headquarters, or for other purposes, in connection with any project or works under the jurisdiction of the said United States Section, said property having heretofore been declared surplus and assigned to the Federal Public Housing Authority as disposal agency by the War Assets Administra- tion; and the War Assets Administration, or other Federal agency in responsible charge, is authorized and directed to transfer said property to the said United States Section without reimbursement or exchange of funds. Approved July 25, 1947. CHAPTER 323] AN ACT To amend section 12 of the Naval Aviation Cadet Act of 1942, as amended, and to amend section 2 of the Act of June 16, 1936, as amended, so as to authorize lump-sum payments under the said Acts to the survivors of deceased officers without administration of estates. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 12 of the Naval Aviation Cadet Act of 1942 (56 Stat. 738), as amended by the Act of October 25, 1943 (57 Stat. 574), as so amended, is hereby further amended by striking out that part of the said section which appears before the first proviso thereof and substituting therefor the following: "When officers commissioned pursuant to this Act or the Naval Aviation Reserve Act of 1939 (53 Stat. 819) are released from active duty that has been continuous for one or more years, they shall be paid a lump sum of $500 for each complete year of continuous com- missioned active service, or, in the event of the death of such officers, the beneficiaries specially designated in the manner prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy shall be paid such sum, or, if no beneficiary has been specially designated and no demand is presented by a duly appointed legal representative of the deceased officer's estate, the decedent's widow, or legal heirs shall be paid such sum in the follow- ing order of precedence: First, to the widow; second, if the decedent left no widow, or the widow be dead at the time of settlement, then to the children or their issue, per stirpes; third, if no widow or descend- ants, then to the father and mother in equal parts; fourth, if either the father or mother be dead, then to the one surviving; fifth, if there be no widow, child, father, or mother at the date of settlement then to the brothers and sisters and children of deceased brothers and sisters, per stirpes; and in the event of the death of such officers not the result of their own misconduct, or if released from active duty otherwise than upon their own request or as a result of disciplinary action, this lump-sum payment shall be prorated for fractional parts of each year of such service :". 424 [61 STAT.