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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/491

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 337-JULY 25, 1947 Development of Indian arts and crafts: For the development, under the direction of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, of Indian arts and crafts, as authorized by the Act of August 27, 1935 (25 U. S . C ., ch. 7A), including expenses of exhibits, not to exceed $2,500 for printing and binding, and other necessary expenses, $34,800, of which not to exceed $15,500 shall be available for personal services in the District of Columbia: Provided, That no part of this appro- priation shall be used to pay any salary at a rate exceeding $8,180 per annum. Irrigation: For the maintenance, operation, repair, and improve- ment of irrigation and power systems for Indian reservations and allotments; payment of operation and maintenance assessments on Indian lands and within non-Indian irrigation districts; payment of reclamation charges; purchase of water and water rights; including the purchase or rental of equipment, tools and appliances; drainage and protection of irrigable lands from damage by floods or loss of water rights; and for all other necessary expenses, $406,000, of which $337,833 shall be reimbursable in accordance with existing law. Construction, and so forth, irrigation systems: For the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of irrigation systems on Indian reservations; the purchase or rental of equipment, tools, and appli- ances; the acquisition of rights-of-way; the development of domestic and stock water and water for subsistence gardens; the purchase of water rights, ditches, and lands needed for irrigation purposes; drain- age and protection of irrigable lands from damage by floods or loss of water rights; preparation of raw reservation lands for irrigation farming, expenditures for which shall be repayable on a per acre basis by the lands benefited; as follows: Arizona: Colorado River, $450,000; Navajo, Arizona and New Mexico, $180,000; Salt River, $50,000; Colorado: Southern Ute, $10,000; Idaho: Fort Hall, $40,000; Montana: Fort Belknap, $6,250; Fort Peck, $34,000; Tongue River, $9,750; New Mexico: United Pueblos, $17,500; Oregon: Klamath, $7,500; Wyoming: Wind River, $15,000; Miscellaneous small projects, $92,500; For surveys and investigations, $100,000; In all, $1,012,500, reimbursable in accordance with law, and to remain available until completion of the projects: Provided, That the foregoing amounts may be used interchangeably in the discretion of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, but not more than 10 per centum of any specific amount shall be transferred to any other amount, and no appropriation shall be increased by more than 10 per centum. Construction, and so forth, buildings and utilities: For the con- struction, repair, or rehabilitation of Indian Service buildings and utilities, including the purchase of land and the acquisition of ease- ments or rights-of-way; purchase of furniture, furnishings, and equipment; private architectural and engineering services; and water explorations; as follows: Alaska: Schools, hospitals, dock repairs, and quarters, $400,000; Fort Belknap, Montana: Water improvements, $20,000; Haskell Institute, Kansas: Replacement of boiler, repairs and improvements to heating system, $18,000; Navajo, Arizona and New Mexico: Mexican Springs or Coyote Canon day school conversion, $150,000; Toadlena school development, $200,000; 467 48 Stat. 891. 25 U. S. O.0 305- 305e. Salary limitation. Interhange of ap proprtpns. PF, p.68.