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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 25 -MAR. 29, 1947 "Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board", $5,700; "Office of Administrator of Rent Control", $11,500; "Office of Recorder of Deeds", $26,400; "Poundmaster's office", $3,100; "Public Utilities Commission", $12,200; "Zoning Commission", $2,300; Public Schools: Operating expenses: "General administration", $45,000 "General supervision and instruction", $1,540,000; "Vocational education, George-Deen program", $21,000; "Operation of buildings and maintenance of equipment", $200,000; Public Library: "Operating expenses", $99,500; Recreation Department: "Operating expenses", $43,300: Metropolitan Police: "Salaries and expenses", $553,500; "Fire Department", $397,600; Courts: "Juvenile court", $14,200; "Municipal court", $43,200; "Municipal court of appeals", $4,100; "Probation system", $1,700; "Office of Register of Wills", $11,100; "Commission on Mental Health", $4,300; Health Department: "Operating expenses, Health Department (excluding hospi- tals) ", $158,400; "Operating expenses, Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Sanatorium", $20,000; Department of Corrections: Adult Correctional Service: "Operating expenses", $163,000; Public Welfare: "Office of the Director", $10,900; Family Welfare Service: "Operating expenses, child care", $15,800; "Public assistance and children's services", $32,900; "Operating expenses, institutions for the indigent", $14,700; Juvenile Correctional Service: "Operating expenses", $16,100; Mental Rehabilitation Service: "Operating expenses, District Training School", $48,500; "Deportation nonresident insane", $2,200; Public Works: "Office of chief clerk", $6,400; "Office of Municipal Architect", $11,100; "Operating expenses, Office of Superintendent of District Buildings", $51,600; "Surveyor's office", $4,600; "Department of Inspections", $54,100; "Central garage", $4,200; "Department of Vehicles and Traffic (payable from highway fund) ", $14,900; "Reimbursements of other appropriations (payable from high- way fund) ", $109,500; 'Operating expenses, Refuse Division", $30,700; "Operating expenses, Sewer Division", $39,500; "Operating expenses, Water Division (payable from water fund) " $38,000; Washington aqueduct: "Operating expenses (payable from water fund)", $25,000; [61 STAT.