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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 356-JULY 30, 1947 PENALTY MAIL Podt, p . 618. 68 Stat. 394. 39U.S.C.i§321o- 321h. Ante, p. 460. For deposit in the Treasury for cost of penalty mail of the Depart- ment, as required by the Act of June 28, 1944 (39 U. S . C. 321d), $3,486,000. RESEARCH AND MARKETING ACT OF 1946 To enable the Secretary to carry into effect the provisions of the s0s8tat. 102. Act of August 14, 1946 (Public Law 733), including in addition to 427h-427, 1621-1629. the objects for which funds are available for such Act of August Poe, p. 694. 49 stat. 43. 14, 1946, and under title I of the Bankhead-Jones Act, as amended, s7U. C. 8 427- personal services in the District of Columbia; printing and binding; over-all administration, planning, and coordination of research under 0Stat 85, 18.- section 10 pursuant to the provisions of section 10 (c); and necessary 7C. I 427i. W0tat. 1091. expenses for carrying out the provisions of title III of the Act, I6U. s. c. as follows: For payments to States, Territories, and Puerto Rico for agricul- tural experiment stations pursuant to section 9 of the Bankhead- 7 U.s.c. 427h. Jones Act approved June 29, 1935, as amended by the Act of August 14, 1946, $2,500,000, of which such amount as shall be allotable to Alaska shall be transferred to and made a part of the appropriation "Research on agricultural problems of Alaska", without matching requirement; 0o85st. ()5. For research on utilization and associated problems pursuant to 7U.. . t i427(a). section 10 (a) of said Act, $3,000,000; For cooperative research other than research on utilization of agri- 0 Stat. I0. cultural commodities and the products thereof, pursuant to section 7u.8.c . 427i(b). 10 (b) of said Act, $1,500,000; For the improvement and development, independently or through cooperation among Federal and State agencies, and others, of a sound and efficient system for the distribution and marketing of agricultural products pursuant to the "Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946" (title '7U. .at. 121- II of the Act of August 14, 1946). $2,000,000; .8tat 394 In all, $9,000,000: Provided, That such sums as may be necessary 39 U. s . C. I 3210- for penalty mail as required by the Act of June 28, 1944, may be A321;, 450. transferred to the regular departmental appropriation therefor: Printing and bind- Provided further, That for necessary printing and binding there g may be transferred to, and made a part of, the item "Printing and binding, Department of Agriculture," such sums as are necessary: Provided further, That the Secretary may make available to any bureau, office, or agency of the Department such amounts from this appropriation as may be necessary to carry out the functions for which it is made, and any such amounts shall be in addition to ork relating to amounts transferred or otherwise made available to other appro- s .h, etc. priation items of the Department: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be available for work relating to fish or shell- fish or any product thereof, except for the support of equitable trans- portation rates before Federal agencies concerned with such rates. OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR For necessary expenses, including personal services in the District of Columbia and payment of fees or dues for the use of law libraries by attorneys in the field service, $2,125,000, together with such amounts from other appropriations or authorizations as are provided in the schedules in the Budget for the current fiscal year for such expenses, which several amounts or portions thereof, as may be determined by the Secretary, not exceeding a total of $136,000 shall be transferred to 524 [61 STAT.