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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/557

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1ST SESS. -CH. 356-JULY 30, 1947 the Secretary, the payment by the United States Government for any such animals shall not exceed one-half of any such appraisements: Providedfurther, That poultry may be appraised in groups when the basis for appraisal is the same for each bird. BUREAU OF DAIRY INDUSTRY Salaries and expenses: For necessary expenses, including not to exceed $540,912 for personal services in the District of Columbia, in carrying out the provisions of the Act of May 29, 1924 (7 U. S . C. 401-404), including investigations, experiments, and demonstrations in dairy industry, for carrying out the applicable provisions of the Act of May 9, 1902 (26 U.S. C. 2325, 2326 (c)), relating to process or renovated butter, as amended by the Act of June 24, 1946 (Public Law 427), and the Act of May 23, 1908 (21 U. S . C. 94 (a)), insofar as it relates to the exportation of process or renovated butter, $1,011,000. For repair of buildings, fence, electric line and feed bunk, recently damaged by tornado at the dairy field station, Woodward, Oklahoma, $5,300. BUREAU OF PLANT INDUSTRY, SOILS, AND AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING SALARIES AND EXPENSES For expenses necessary for investigations, experiments, and demon- strations in connection with the production and improvement of farm crops and other plants and plant industries; soils and soil-plant rela- tionships, and the application of engineering principles to agriculture; plant diseases, including nematodes, and methods for their prevention and control; plant and plant-disease collections and surveys; the distribution of weeds and means for their control; methods of handling, processing, transportation, and storage of agricultural products; and plants in foreign countries and our possessions for introduction info the United States, including explorations and surveys, and propagation and testing in this country; for the operation and maintenance of airplanes; and for personal services in the city of Washington, as follows: Field crops: For investigations on the production, improvement, and diseases of alfalfa, barley, clover, corn, cotton, flax, grasses, oats, rice, rubber crops, sorghums, soybeans, sugar beets, sugarcane, tobacco, wheat, and other field crops, $2,784,000. Fruit, vegetable, and specialty crops: For investigations on the pro- duction, improvement and diseases of fruit, vegetable, nut, ornamental, drug, condiment, oil, insecticide, and related crops and plants, $2,445,000, and there shall be transferred to the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, from Government sur- plus without compensation therefor, one sixty-five acre tract occupied by the United States Plant Introduction Garden under permit from the War Department and two adjacent small parcels of land, totaling in all approximately seventy-seven acres, situated at Chapman Field Military Reservation, Dade County, Florida, and valued (procurement cost) at approximately $7,000. Forest diseases: For investigations of diseases of forest and shade trees and forest products, and methods for their control, $379,280. Soils, fertilizers, and irrigation: For investigations of soil manage- ment methods to increase and maintain productivity, including fertili- zation, liming, crop rotations, tillage practices, and other means of 533 Group appraisal for poultry. 43 Stat. 243. 32 Stat. 196. 60 Stat. 300. 35 Stat. 254. Plant and soil in- vestigations. Airplanes. Transfer of lands.