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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/559

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., IST SESS.-CH. 356-JULY 30,1947 developing methods, equipment, and apparatus to aid in enforcing plant quarantines and in the eradication and control of insect pests and plant diseases; and for investigations of insecticides and fungicides, including methods of their manufacture and use and the effects of their application, $2,961,300. Insect and plant disease control: For carrying out operations or measures to eradicate, suppress, control, or to prevent or retard the spread of Japanese beetle, sweetpotato weevil, Mexican fruitflies, gypsy and brown-tail moths, Dutch elm disease, phony peach and peach mosaic, cereal rusts, and pink bollworm and Thurberia weevil, including the enforcement of quarantine regulations and cooperation with States to enforce plant quarantines as authorized by the Plant Quarantine Act of August 20, 1912, as amended (7 U. S . C. 151-167), and including the establishment of such cotton-free areas as may be necessary to stamp out any infestation of the pink bollworm as author- ized by the Act of February 8, 1930 (46 Stat. 67), and for the enforce- ment of domestic plant quarantines through inspection in transit, including the interception and disposition of materials found to have been transported interstate in violation of Federal plant quarantine laws or regulations, and operations under the Terminal Inspection Act (7 U. S. C. 166), $2,972,100: Provided,That no part of this appro- priation shall be used to pay the cost or value of trees, farm animals, farm crops, or other property injured or destroyed: Providedfurther, That, in the discretion of the Secretary, no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the control of sweetpotato weevil in any State until such State has provided cooperation necessary to accomplish this purpose, or for barberry eradication until a sum or sums at least equal to such expenditures shall have been appropriated, sub- scribed, or contributed by States, counties, or local authorities, or by individuals or organizations for the accomplishment of this pur- pose: Provided further, That in the discretion of the Secretary, no expenditures from this appropriation shall be made for applying methods of control of the Dutch elm disease in any State where measures for the removal and destruction of trees on non-Federal lands suffering from the Dutch elm disease are not in force, provided such removal and destruction are deemed essential or appropriate for the carrying on of the control prog'raml, nor until a sum or sums at least equal to such expenditures shall have been appropriated, sub- scribed, or contributed by State, county, or local authorities, or by individuals, or organizations concerned: Provided, however, That expenditures incurred for removal of trees infected with Dutch elm disease from non-Federal lands shall not be considered a part of such appropriations, subscriptions, or contributions: Providedfurther, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the removal and destruction of trees infected with the Dutch elm disease except where such trees are located on property owned or controlled by the Government of the United States, or on property included within local experimental control areas. Foreign plant quarantines: For operations against the introduction of insect pests or plant diseases into the United States. including the enforcement of foreign-plant quarantines and regulations promul- gated under sections 5 and 7 of the Plant Quarantine Act of August 20,1912, as amended (7 U. S. C. 151-167), the Insect Pest Act of 1905 (7 U. S. C. 141-144), and the Mexican Border Act of 1942 (7 U. S . C . 149), for enforcement of domestic-plant quarantines as they pertain to Territories of the United States and enforcement of regulations governing the movement of plants into and from the District of Columbia promulgated under section 15 of the Plant Quarantine Act 535 37 Stat. 315. Post, p. 680. Establisunent of cotton-free areas. Inspection in trans- it. 38 Stat. 1113. Restriction. State, etc., coopera- tion. Dutch elm disease, local requirements. Riemoval antd dl*- struction of trees. Restriction. Exception. 37 Stat. 316 . 317. 7U..C. C. 159, 160. 33 Stat. 1269. 56 Stat. 40 .