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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 356-JULY 30, 1947 the peanut-marketing quota program, the cost of aerial photographs, however, not to be charged to such limitation; but not more than $7,080,813 shall be transferred to the appropriation account, "Admin- 52 Stat. 69. istrative expenses, section 392, Agricultural Adjustment Act of 7 U.S. c . §1392. Payments to claim- 1938": Provided further, That payments to claimants hereunder may ants . be made upon the certificate of the claimant, which certificate shall be in such form as the Secretary may prescribe, that he has carried out the conservation practice or practices and has complied with all other requirements as conditions for such payments and that the statements and information contained in the application for payment are correct and true, to the best of his knowledge and belief, under 35 Stat. 1095. the penalties of the Act of March 4, 1909, as amended (18 U. S. C. 80): Provided further, That none of the funds herein appropriated or made available for the functions assigned to the Agricultural Adjust- ment Agency pursuant to the Executive Order Numbered 9069, of 50 Ut.e C . app. February 23, 1942, shall be used to pay the salaries or expenses of any regional information employees or any State or county information employees, but this shall not preclude the answering of inquiries or supplying of information to individual farmers: Provided further, Programs of soil- That such amount shall be available for salaries and other adminis- buildingpractices etc. trative expenses in connection with the formulation and administra- tion of the 1948 programs (amounting to $150,000,000, including administration, and formulated on the basis of a distribution of the funds available for payments and grants among the several States in accordance with their conservation needs as determined by the Secre- tary: Provided further, That the proportion allocated to any State shall not be reduced more than 15 per centum from the 1946 distribu- tion and that no participant shall receive more than $500) of soil- building practices and soil- and water-conservation practices, under 49 Stat. 1148 52 the Act of February 29, 1936, as amended, and programs under the Stat. 31. A 01 t6 .. c.C§ 590g- Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended; but the payments 90q;,7u.s .c.51281- or grants under such program shall be conditioned upon the utiliza- Ante, pp . 494,451. tion of land with respect to which such payments or grants are to be made, in conformity with farming practices which will encourage and provide for soil-building and soil- and water-conserving practices in the most practical and effective manner and adapted to conditions in the several States, as determined and approved by the State 49 StatlC. 5h committee appointed pursuant to section 8 (b) of the Soil Conservation (). and Domestic Allotment Act, as amended for the respective States: Transfer of funds. Provided further, That the Secretary may, in his discretion, from time to time transfer to the General Accounting Office such sums as may be necessary to pay administrative expenses of said Office in Purchase of seeds, auditing payments under this item: Provided further, That such amounts shall be available for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, lime, trees, or any other farming materials, or any soil-terracing services, and making grants thereof to agricultural producers to aid them in carrying out farming practices approved by the Secretary under pro- Payments to farm- grams provided for herein: Provided further, That the Secretary is ers inducted into pye armed forces. authorized and directed to make payments to farmers who complied with the terms and conditions of the agricultural conservation pro- grams, formulated pursuant to sections 7 to 17, inclusive, of the Soil 49Stat. 1148. Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act, as amended, if the Secre- 590q. tary determines that, because of induction into the armed forces of the Arde, p. 494. United States, such farmers failed to file, or were prevented from fil- ing, applications for payment under any such program during the period the applicable appropriation for such program was available for obligation, such payments to be made out of the unobligated balance of the appropriation, "Conservation and use of agricultural land resources", in the Department of Agriculture Appropriation Act, 542 [61 STAT.