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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 356-JULY 30, 1947 58Stat. 741. the Organic Act of 1944 (12 U. S . C. 833); purchase of one passenger motor vehicle for use in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; garage rental in the District of Columbia; payment of actual trans- portation and other necessary expenses and not to exceed $10 per diem in lieu of subsistence of persons serving, while away from their homes, without other compensation from the United States, in an advisory capacity to the Farm Credit Administration, except that such expenditures shall not exceed $10,000; examination of corpora- tions, banks, associations, and institutions operated, supervised, or regulated by the Farm Credit Administration; in all, $561,000. Col- 58 Stat.740. lections made pursuant to section 601 of the Organic Act of 1944 (12 U. S . C. 832), are hereby made available to reimburse this appro- priation for the cost of examining and supervising the corporations, banks, associations, and other organizations as provided in said section. GENERAL PROVISIONS Limitationsrespect- SEC. 2. No funds appropriated or made available under this title vanoes. nd shall be used to pay the compensation or expenses of any officer or employee of the Department or any bureau, office, agency, or service of the Department, or any corporation, institution, or association supervised thereby, who makes or approves, or directs or authorizes the approval of, any loan or advance by the Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation of Washington, District of Columbia, unless such loan or advance (1) is for the purpose of protecting the security for or assisting in the collection of a loan or advance theretofore made by the Corporation, or (2) is for use in and confined to a specific area or region in which the Secretary of Agriculture shall have found that such loans for specified agricultural purposes and for limited time periods are necessary because of economic emergencies or produc- aroerbty bor- tion disasters. All loans and advances made pursuant to this section will carry the full personal liability of the borrower, shall be secured by crops or livestock and such additional collateral as is deemed neces- sary to afford reasonable assurance of repayment, and will be accom- panied by a certificate of refusal of the loan or advance by a local bank or the production credit association serving the area. hrase mostrv SEC. 3 . Within the unit limit of cost fixed by law the lump-sum appropriations made for the Department under this title shall be available for the'purchase of passenger motor vehicles, and for the hire of such vehicles, necessary in the conduct of the work of the Department outside the District of Columbia, but the number of such vehicles purchased or otherwise acquired for all the activities of the Department for which appropriations are made under such title shall not exceed the total number indicated for purchase by the Department under the statements of proposed expenditures for purchase and hire of passenger motor vehicles in the Budget. Employment of SEC. 4. Provisions of law prohibiting or restricting the employment of aliens shall not apply to (1) the temporary employment of trans- lators when competent citizen translators are not available; (2) employment in cases of emergency of persons in the field service of the Department for periods of not more than sixty days; (3) employ- ment under the appropriation for the Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations. SEC. 5 . Appropriations made in this title shall be available for o stat. s . health service programs as authorized by the Act of August 8, 1946 sU. . o.I (Public Law 658). SEC. 6 . Appropriations and other funds available to the Depart- ment during the current fiscal year (except those appropriated or [61 STAT.