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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/583

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61 STAT.] 80rH CONG., 1ST SESS. - CH. 357-JULY 30, 1947 tonment, depot, arsenal, headquarters, hospital, aviation station, or other office or station of the Army, excepting the local telephone service for the various bureaus of the War Department in the District of Columbia, and toll messages pertaining to the office of the Secretary of War; electric time service; the rental of commercial telegraph lines and equipment, and their operation at or connecting any post, camp, cantonment, depot, arsenal, headquarters, hospital, aviation station, or other office or station of the Army, including payment for official individual telegraph messages transmitted over commercial lines; electrical installations and maintenance thereof at military posts, can- tonments, camps, and stations of the Army, fire control and direction apparatus, and materiel for Field Artillery; salaries of civilian employees, including those necessary as instructors at vocational schools; supplies, general repairs, reserve supplies, and other expenses connected with the collecting and transmitting of information for the Army by telegraph or otherwise; experimental investigation, research, purchase, and development, or improvements in apparatus, and maintenance of signaling and accessories thereto, including machines, instruments, and other equipment for laboratory and repair purposes; lease, alteration, and repair of such buildings required for storing or guarding Signal Corps supplies, equipment, and personnel when not otherwise provided for, including the land therefor, the introduction of water, electric light and power, sewerage, grading, roads and walks, and other equipment required; for all expenses, not otherwise pro- vided for, incident to the preparation of plans, and construction, purchase, installation, equipment, maintenance, repair, and operation of aircraft warning service systems, and their accessories, including purchase of lands and rights-of-way, acquisition of leaseholds and other interests therein, and temporary use thereof; $82,474,900, and in addition to this appropriation the Secretary may, prior to July 1, 1948, enter into contracts in an amount not in excess of $5,000,000. AIR CORPS AIR CORPS, ARMY For creating, maintaining, and operating at established aviation and related schools courses of instruction for military personllnel, including payment of tuition, cost of equliplilent and suplplies necessary for instruction, and expenses of special lectures, purchlase of tools equipment, materials, machines, textbooks, scientific and professionla papers, instruments, and materials for theoretical and practical instruction; for maintenance, repair, storage, and operation of air- ships, war balloons, and other aerial machines, and including instru- ments, materials, gas plants, hangars, and repair shops, and appliances of every sort and description necessary for the operation, construction, or equipment of all types of aircraft, and all necessary spare parts and equipment connected therewith and the establishment of landing and take-off runways; for purchase of supplies and procurement of services for securing, developing, printing, and reproducing photo- graphs and motion pictures in connection with aerial photography, including aerial mapping and charting; improvement, equipment, maintenance, and operation of plants for testing and experimental work, and procuring and introducing water, electric light and power, gas, and sewerage, including maintenance, operation, and repair of such utilities at such plants; for the procurement of helium gas; for travel of military and civilian personnel in connection with the administration of this appropriation, including travel by air or rail required in connection with the transportation of new aircraft from factory to first destination; salaries and wages of civilian employees; 559 Telegraph lines. Electrical installa- tions. Salaries of civilian employees. Experimental vestigation, etc. In- Aircraft warning service systems. Courses of Instruc- tion. Aircraft operation, etc. Photographic sup- plies. Helium gas. Travel expenses. Civilian employee.