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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/585

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 357-JULY 30, 1947 such regulations fixing their number, qualifications, assignments, pay. and allowances as shall have been or shall be prescribed by the Secre- tary of War; pay of internes; pay of civilian physicians employed to examine physically applicants for enlistment and enlisted men and to render other professional services from time to time under proper authority; pay of other employees of the Medical Department; pay- ment of express companies and local transfers employed directly by the Medical Department for the transportation of medical and hos- pital supplies, including bidders' samples and water for analysis; supply of Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas; adver- tising, and other necessary miscellaneous expenses of the Medical Department; $69,534,000. CORPS OF ENGINEERS ENGINEER SERVICE, ARMY Engineer Service: For the design, development, procurement, manu- facture, maintenance, alteration, repair, installation, storage, and issue of engineer equipment, instruments, appliances, supplies, materials, tools and machinery required in the equipment and training of troops and in military operations, including military surveys; operation and maintenance of the Engineer School, including compensation of civil- ian lecturers, and purchase and binding of scientific and professional books, pamphlets, papers, and periodicals; procurement, preparation, and reproduction of maps and similar data for military purposes; expenses incident to the Engineer Service in military and training operations, including military surveys, and including research and development of improved methods in such operations, rental of store- houses and grounds, and repair and alteration of buildings, including heat, light, power, water, and communication service, not otherwise provided for and expenses of railroad construction, including purchase or lease of equipment and materials, and the acquisition of lands, rights-of-way thereon, and other interests therein and temporary use thereof; $129,386,000, and in addition to this appropriation the Secre- tary may, prior to July 1, 1948, enter into contracts in an amount not in excess of $2,000,000; Barracks and quarters, Army: For expenses necessary for the main- tenance, installation, repair, operation, protection, and rental of build- ings, structures, grounds, utilities, flying fields, fortifications, and appurtenances thereto, or other facilities required for military use including the procurement of supplies, equipment, fuel, printing, binding, communication services, at the seat of government and else- where; manufacture, procurement, purchase, storage, issue, and trans- portation (including research, planning, design, development, in- spection, tests. and the handling) of water, gas, electricity, fuel, tools, machinery, and equipment; construction of additions and extensions to and alterations, improvements, and rehabilitations of existing facilities; the furnishing of heat and light for buildings erected at private cost, in the operation of the Act approved May 31, 1902 (10 U. S . C . 1346), and buildings on military reservations, authorized by War Department regulations to be used for a similar purpose; expenses, including relocation costs and rental of buildings and offices, for other Government agencies, not otherwise provided for, necessi- tated by their vacation of Government-owned or other property for Army use; and expenses of packing and crating and unpacking and uncrating of equipment, material, supplies, baggage, and goods not otherwise provided for, $191,353,000: Provided, That the amounts to be assessed and collected from nonmilitary interests on the Fort 95347°- -4 -pt. 1-36 561 Internes. Civilian physicians. Army and Navy Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark. Equipment, instru- ments, etc. Engineer School. Maps, etc. Military and train. ing operations. 32 Stat. 282 . Fort Monroe Mili- tary Reservation, Va.