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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/638

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 361 -JULY 30, 1947 Transportation of voluntary relief sup. plies. continues; (e) such country has taken or is taking, insofar as pos- sible, the economic measures necessary to reduce its relief needs and to provide for its own future reconstruction; (f) upon request of the President, it will furnish promptly information concerning the production, use, distribution, importation, and exportation of any supplies which affect the relief needs of the people of such country; (g) representatives of the Government of the United States will be permitted to supervise the distribution among the people of such country of the supplies transferred or otherwise made available pur- suant to this appropriation; (h) provision will be made for a control system so that all classes of people within such country will receive their fair share of essential supplies; and (i) all supplies transferred pursuant to this appropriation or acquired through the use of credits established pursuant to law and any articles processed from such supplies, or the containers of such supplies or articles, will, to the extent practicable, be marked, stamped, branded, or labeled in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly, and permanently as the nature of such supplies, articles, or containers will permit in such manner as to indicate to the ultimate consumer in such country that such supplies or articles have been furnished by the United States of America for relief assistance; or if such supplies, articles, or contain- ers are incapable of being so marked, stamped, branded or labeled, that all practicable steps will be taken to inform the ultimate con- sumers thereof that such supplies or articles have been furnished by the United States of America for relief assistance: Provided further, That subject to the limitations and requirements of this paragraph this appropriation shall be available for the transportation of voluntary relief supplies shipped by relief agencies licensed for operation in Europe and in Asia including the occupied areas under such regula- tions as the Secretary of State may prescribe. SURPLUS PROPERTY, CARE AND HANDLING OVERSEAS Surplus property, care and handling overseas: To enable the Presi- dent, through the War and Navy Departments and the United States Commercial Company during the fiscal years 1947 and 1948, to carry 58 Bs.a. . 8 pp. out the provisions of the Surplus Property Act of 1944, as amended, i en-li. and paragraph 8 of Executive Order 9630 of September 27, 1945 0 UP.S. app. with respect to care and handling of surplus property outside conti- io01 note. nental United States, $35,348,000, of which $32,000,000 shall be avail- able to the War Department and $3,348,000 to the Navy Department for reimbursement of appropriations, funds, or accounts of said agencies from which expenditures have been or may be made for the foregoing purposes and in addition military appropriations may be expended for such purposes, not exceeding $15,000,000, in con- Relmbursemnt. templation of reimbursement if justified: Provided, That none of the funds herein appropriated shall be available for reimbursement for pay and allowances or subsistence of military or naval personnel. UNITED NATIONS RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ADMINISTRATION Liquidation of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Adminis. tration program: To enable the President to carry out the provisions of the Act of July 8, 1947 (Public Law 164), not to exceed $1,900,000 of the unobligated and unallocated balances as of June 30, 1947 of the appropriation "United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administra- tion" provided under the Third Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946, 614 [61 STAT. Ante, p.200 . o0Stat. 05