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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1 ST SESS.-CHS. 35 , 38 -APR. 15 , 16, 1947 on the basis of one-twelfth of a year for each whole calendar month that the employee has been on the rolls. Upon the appointment of any such employee to a regular position he shall be placed in the salary grade to which he would have progressed had his original appointment been made to a regular position of grade 1, plus four grades, and the progression shall be computed on the basis of years of substitute service as herein provided. Any fractional part of a year's substitute service accumulated since the last compensation increase as a substitute shall be included with the regular service as a regular employee in determining eligibility for promotion to the next higher grade following appointment to a regular position: Provided, That no substitute shall be appointed to a higher grade of a regular position than the highest grade to which employees may progress through annual promotions: Provided further, That upon appoint- ment of a substitute employee to a regular position he shall not be placed in or promoted to a grade higher than the grade to which he would have progressed, including benefits authorized by section 23 of Public Law 134, approved July 6, 1945, had his original appointment been to a regular position of grade 1: And provided further, That employees shall not be allowed credit for service performed under temporary or war-service appointments except when such service is continuous to the date of appointment as a classified substitute or regular employee." Approved April 15, 1947. [CHAPTER 38] AN ACT To establish a permanent Nurse Corps of the Army and the Navy and to establish a Women's Medical Specialist Corps in the Army. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947". TITLE I ARMY NURSES AND WOMEN'S MEDICAL SPECIALIST CORPS SEC. 101. (a) Effective the date of enactment of this Act, there is established in the Medical Department of the Regular Army an Army Nurse Corps, which shall perform such services as may be pre- scribed by the Secretary of War. The authorized strength of the Army Nurse Corps, Regular Army, shall be in the ratio of six mem- bers thereof to every one thousand persons of the total authorized strength of the Regular Army, but not less than a minimum author- ized strength of two thousand five hundred and fifty-eight members. The Army Nurse Corps, Regular Army, shall consist of officers in the grades of second lieutenant to lieutenant colonel, inclusive: Provided, That the number of lieutenant colonels on active duty shall at no time exceed seven-tenths per centum, and the number of majors on active duty shall at no time exceed 1-6 per centum, of the authorized Regular Army officer strength of such corps. (b) From the officers permanently commissioned in such Army Nurse Corps, in permanent grade of major or above, and upon the recommendation of the Surgeon General of the Army, the Secretary of War shall appoint the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps, who shall serve as such Chief during his pleasure for a term not to exceed four years and shall not be reappointed, and who, without vacation of her permanent grade, shall have the temporary rank, pay, and allowances of a colonel while so serving. 41 Restrictions. 59 Stat. 460 . 39 U. S. C. §873. April 16, 1947 [H. R . 1943] [Public Law 36] Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947. Army Nurse Corps. Authorized strength. Members; grades. Restrictions. Chief of Army Nurse Corps.