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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 388 -JULY 30, 1947 LIMITATION OF TERM C"PRODUCTS OF AMERICAN FISHERIES" § 6. Wherever, in the statutes of the United States or in the rulings, regulations, or interpretations of various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States there appears or may appear the term "products of American fisheries" said term shall not include fresh or frozen fish fillets, fresh or frozen fish steaks, or fresh or frozen slices of fish substantially free of bone (including any of the foregoing divided into sections), produced in a foreign country or its territorial waters, in whole or in part with the use of the labor of persons who are not residents of the United States. CHAPTER 2-ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS; FORMALITIES OF ENArCMENT; REPEALS; SEALING OF INSTRUMENTS § 101. Enacting clause. § 102. Resolving clause. § 103. Enacting or resolving words after first section. 104. Numbering of sections; single proposition. § 106. Title of appropriation Acts. 106. Printing bills and joint resolutions. § 107. Parchment or paper for printing enrolled bills or resolutions. § 108. Repeal of repealing act. § 109. Repeal of statutes as affecting existing liabilities. §110. Saving clause of Revised Statutes. § 111. Repeals as evidence of prior effectiveness. i 112. Statutes at Large; contents; admissibility in evidence. S 113. "Little and Brown's" edition of laws and treaties; admissibility in evidence. 1114. Sealing of instruments. ENACTING CLAUSE § 101. The enacting clause of all Acts of Congress shall be in the following form: "Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represent- atives of the United States of America in Congress assembled." RESOLVING CLAUSE § 102. The resolving clause of all joint resolutions shall be in the following form: "Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.? ENACTING OR RESOLVING WORDS AFTER FIRST SECTION § 103. No enacting or resolving words shall be used in any section of an Act or resolution of Congress except in the first. NUMBERING OF SECTIONS; SINaLE PROPOSITION § 104. Each section shall be numbered, and shall contain, as nearly as may be, a single proposition of enactment. TITLE OF APPROPRIATION ACTS § 105. The style and title of all Acts making appropriations for the support of Government shall be as follows: "An Act making appropriations (here insert the object) for the year ending June 30 (here insert the calendar year)." PRINTING BILLS AND JOINT RESOLUTIONS § 106. Every bill or joint resolution in each House of Congress shall, when such bill or resolution passes either House, be printed, and such printed copy shall be called the engrossed bill or resolution [61 STAT.