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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 391-JULY 30,1947 Rendition by coin- operated machines. of royalties due at said rate at the date of such demand, the court may award taxable costs to the plaintiff and a reasonable counsel fee, and the court may, in its discretion, enter judgment therein for any sum in addition over the amount found to be due as royalty in accordance with the terms of this title, not exceeding three times such amount. The reproduction or rendition of a musical composition by or upon coin-operated machines shall not be deemed a public performance for profit unless a fee is charged for admission to the place where such reproduction or rendition occurs. § 2. RIGHTS OF AUTHOR OR PROPRIETOR OF UNPUBLISHED WORK.- Nothing in this title shall be construed to annul or limit the right of the author or proprietor of an unpublished work, at common law or in equity, to prevent the copying, publication, or use of such unpublished work without his consent, and to obtain damages therefor. § 3. PROTECTION OF COMPONENT PARTS OF WORK COPYRIGHTED; COMPOSITE WORKS OR PERIODICALS. -The copyright provided by this tile shall protect all the copyrightable component parts of the work copyrighted, and all matter therein in which copyright is already sub- sisting, but without extending the duration or scope of such copyright. The copyright upon composite works or periodicals shall give to the proprietor thereof all the rights in respect thereto which he would have if each part were individually copyrighted under this title. § 4. AL WRITmNGS OF AUTHOR INCLUDED. - The works for which copyright may be secured under this title shall include all the writings of an author. § 5. CLASSIFICATION OF WORKS FOR REGISTRATION.-The application for registration shall specify to which of the following classes the work in which copyright is claimed belongs: (a) Books, including composite and cyclopedic works, directories, gazetteers, and other compilations. (b) Periodicals, including newspapers. (c) Lectures, sermons, addresses (prepared for oral delivery). (d) Dramatic or dramatico-musical compositions. (e) Musical compositions. (f) Maps. (g) Works of art; models or designs for works of art. (h) Reproductions of a work of art. (i) Drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character. (j) Photographs. (k) Prints and pictorial illustrations including prints or labels used for articles of merchandise. (1) Motion-picture photoplavs. (m) Motion pictures other than photoplays. The above specifications shall not be held to limit the subject matter of copyright as defined in section 4 of this title, nor shall any error in classification invalidate or impair the copyright protection secured under this title. § 6. REGISTRATION OF PRINTS AND LABELs. - Commencing July 1,1940, the Register of Copyrights is charged with the registration of claims to copyright properly presented, in all prints and labels published in connection with the sale or advertisement of articles of merchandise, including all claims to copyright in prints and labels pending in the Patent Office and uncleared at the close of business June 30, 1940. There shall be paid for registering a claim of copyright in any such print or label not a trade-mark $6, which sum shall cover the expense of furnishing a certificate of such registration, under the seal of the Copyright Office, to the claimant of copyright. 654 [61. STAT.