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660 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 391--JULY 30, 1947 [61 STAT. date when copies of the first authorized edition were placed on sale, sold, or publicly distributed by the proprietor of the copyright or "Author." under his authority, and the word "author" shall include an employer in the case of works made for hire. § 27. COPYRIGHT DISTINCT FROM PROPERTY IN OBJECT COPYRIGHTED; EFFECT OF SALE OF OBJECT, AND OF ASSIGNMENT OF COPYRIGHT.-The copyright is distinct from the property in the material object copy- righted, and the sale or conveyance, by gift or otherwise, of the mate- rial object shall not of itself constitute a transfer of the copyright, nor shall the assignment of the copyright constitute a transfer of the title to the material object; but nothing in this title shall be deemed to forbid, prevent, or restrict the transfer of any copy of a copy- righted work the possession of which has been lawfully obtained. § 28. ASSIGNMENTS AND BEQUESTS.- Copyright secured under this title or previous copyright laws of the United States may be assigned, granted, or mortgaged by an instrument in writing signed by the proprietor of the copyright, or may be bequeathed by will. § 29. SAME; EXECUTED IN FOREIGN COUNTRY; ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CERTIFICATE.- Every assignment of copyright executed in a for- eign country shall be acknowledged by the assignor before a consular officer or secretary of legation of the United States authorized by law to administer oaths or perform notarial acts. The certificate of such acknowledgment under the hand and official seal of such consular officer or secretary of legation shall be prima facie evidence of the execution of the instrument. § 30. SAME; REcoRD. -Every assignment of copyright shall be recorded in the copyright office within three calendar months after its execution in the United States or within six calendar months after its execution without the limits of the United States, in default of which it shall be void as against any subsequent purchaser or mort- gagee for a valuable consideration, without notice, whose assignment has been duly recorded. § 31. SAME; CERTIFICATE OF RECORD.-The Register of Copyrights shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee, record such assignment, and shall return it to the sender with a certificate of record attached under seal of the copyright office, and upon the payment of the fee prescribed by this title lie shall furnish to any person requesting the same a certified copy thereof under the said seal. §32. SAME; USE OF NAME OF ASSRINFEE IN NOTICE.- When an assignment of the copyright in a specified book or other work has been recorded the assignee may substitute his name for that of the assignor in the statutory notice of copyright prescribed by this title. CHAPTER 2-INFRINGEMENT PROCEEDINGS § 101. Infringement: (a) Injunction. (b) Damages and profits; amounts; other remedies. (c) Impounding during action. (d) Destruction of infringing copies and plates. (e) Royalties for use of mechanical reproduction of musical works. (f) Rules of procedure. § 102. Jurisdiction of courts in enforcing remedies. § 103. Joinder of proceedings for different remedies. § 104. Willful infringement for profit. § 105. Fraudulent notice of copyright, or removal or alteration of notice. § 106. Importation of article bearing false notice or piratical copies of copy- righted work. § 107. Importation, during existence of copyright, of piratical copies, or of copies not produced in accordance with section 16 of this title. § 108. Forfeiture and destruction of articles prohibited importation. § 109. Importation of prohibited articles; regulations; proof of deposit of copies by complainants.