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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/694

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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 392-JULY 30, 1947 TITLE 9-ARBITRATION § 1. Maritime transactions and commerce defined; exceptions to operation of title. § 2. Validity, irrevocability, and enforcement of agreements to arbitrate. § 3. Stay of proceedings where issue therein referable to arbitration. § 4. Failure to arbitrate under agreement; petition to United States court having jurisdiction for order to compel arbitration; notice and service thereof; hearing and determination. § 5. Appointment of arbitrators or umpire. § 6. Application heard as motion. § 7. Witnesses before arbitrators; fees; compelling attendance. § 8. Proceedings begun by libel in admiralty and seizure of vessel or property. § 9. Award of arbitrators; confirmation; jurisdiction; procedure. § 10. Same; vacation; grounds; rehearing. § 11. Same; modification or correction; grounds; order. § 12. Notice of motions to vacate or modify; service; stay of proceedings. § 13. Papers filed with order on motions; judgment; docketing; force and effect; enforcement. § 14. Contracts not affected. C"MARITIME TRANSACTIONS" AND "COMMERCE" DEFINED; EXCEPTIONS TO OPERATION OF TITLE § 1. "Maritime transactions", as herein defined, means charter parties, bills of lading of water carriers, agreements relating to wharf- age, supplies furnished vessels or repairs to vessels, collisions, or any other matters in foreign commerce which, if the subject of contro- versy, would be embraced within admiralty jurisdiction; "com- merce" as herein defined, means commerce among the several States or with foreign nations, or in any Territory of the United States or in the District of Columbia, or between any such Territory and another, or between any such Territory and any State or foreign nation, or between the District of Columbia and any State or Territory or foreign nation, but nothing herein contained shall apply to con- tracts of employment of seamen, railroad employees, or any other class of workers engaged in foreign or interstate commerce. VALIDITY, IRREVOCABILITY, AND ENFORCEMENT OF AGREEMENTS TO ARBITRATE § 2. A written provision in any maritime transaction or a contract evidencing a transaction involving commerce to settle by arbitration a controversy thereafter arising out of such contract or transaction, or the refusal to perform the whole or any part thereof, or an agree- ment in writing to submit to arbitration an existing controversy aris- ing out of such a contract, transaction, or refusal, shall be valid, irrevocable, and enforceable, save upon such grounds as exist at law or in equity for the revocation of any contract. STAY OF PROCEEDINGS WHERE ISSUE THEREIN REFERABLE TO ARBITRATION § 3. If any suit or proceeding be brought in any of the courts of the United States upon any issue referable to arbitration under an agreement in writing for such arbitration, the court in which such suit is pending, upon being satisfied that the issue involved in such suit or proceeding is referable to arbitration under such an agreement, shall on application of one of the parties stay the trial of the action until such arbitration has been had in accordance with the terms of the agreement, providing the applicant for the stay is not in default in proceeding with such arbitration. [61 STAT.