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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG., 1 ST SESS.-CH. 480-AUG. 4 , 1947 755 for public use in the manner provided by Article III of this Agreement, 49 Stat. 1060. or, in the alternative, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the same manner and with the same right of entry as the highway depart- ment of the Commonwealth may acquire lands by condemnation for highway purposes and in the State of New Jersey in the same manner and with the same right of entry as the highway department of the State may acquire lands by condemnation for highway purposes. "(g) The commission may make and enforce such rules and regu- tRul and regula- lations with respect to the use of any bridge operated by it as it shall deem proper and reasonable, including regulations limiting the loads permitted on any such bridge and closing to traffic any such bridge deemed by the commission to be unsafe. "(h) The commission may provide, from time to time, for the bon ofreo"nu issuance of its bridge revenue bonds for any one or more of the following purposes: (1) providing funds for the acquisition, con- struction, rehabilitation or improvement of any one or more bridges the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation or improvement of which is herein authorized; (2) providing funds for the construction or improvement of approach facilities deemed by the commission to be necessary or desirable in connection with the acquisition, construction, maintenance or operation of any bridge owned or operated by the commission, including but without limitation bridge approaches, entrance plazas, overpasses, underpasses and approach highways; and (3) refunding any bridge revenue bonds or bridge revenue refund- ing bonds of the commission. The bridge or bridges (including any approach facilities) on account of which a single issue of bonds shall be issued as herein authorized shall constitute a single project for financing purposes. "(i) The commission may fix, charge and collect tolls, rates, rents Tol,etc. and other charges for the use of any bridge or bridges constituting a single project, such tolls to be so fixed and adjusted, subject to any applicable Federal law, as to provide funds at least sufficient (1) to pay the cost of maintaining, repairing and operating such bridge or bridges, including the administrative expenses of the commission chargeable thereto, (2) to pay the bridge revenue bonds or the bridge revenue refunding bonds issued on account of such project and the interest on such bonds, and (3) to provide reserves for such purposes; provided, however, that no tolls shall be charged or collected for the use of any bridge now operated by the commission as a free bridge but only for the use of bridges constructed or acquired by the coln- mission under the provisions of this compact or agreement. Subject to any applicable Federal law, the commission may pledge such tolls, rates, rents and other revenues or any part thereof for such purposes. The commission may establish separate schedules of tolls, rates and charges for use of any bridge on which tolls may be established here- under by residents of areas adjacent to or served directly by such bridge under such conditions and on such terms as it shall determine to be proper and reasonable, including tolls, rates and charges for unlimited use of any such bridge. Nonliability o "No member of the commission shall be subject to any personal nliability liability or accountability by reason of any act or omission of the commission. "IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this 3rd day of July, 1947, ALFRED E. DRISCOLL has affixed his signature hereto as Governor of the State of New Jersey and caused the great seal of the State to be attached thereto. "ALFRED E. DRISCOLL (SEAL) "Governor, State of New Jersey.