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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/783

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 482 -AUG. 4 , 1947 SECTION 3 The appropriate American authorities shall take whatever action may be necessary to assure that the United Nations shall not be dispossessed of its property in the headquarters district, except as provided in Section 22 in the event that the United Nations ceases to use the same; provided that the United Nations shall reimburse the appropriate American authorities for any costs incurred, after consultation with the United Nations, in liquidating by eminent domain proceedings or otherwise any adverse claims. SECTION 4 (a) The United Nations may establish and operate in the head- quarters district: (1) its own short-wave sending and receiving radio broad- casting facilities (including emergency link equipment) which may be used on the same frequencies (within the tolerances prescribed for the broadcasting service by applicable United States regulations) for radiotelegraph, radioteletype, radiotele- phone, radiotelephoto, and similar services; (2) one point-to-point circuit between the headquarters district and the office of the United Nations in Geneva (using single sideband equipment) to be used exclusively for the exchange of broadcasting programs and interoffice communications; (3) low power micro-wave, low or medium frequency facilities for communication within headquarters buildings only, or such other buildings as may temporarily be used by the United Nations; (4) facilities for point-to-point communication to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as permitted under applicable rules and regulations for amateur operation in the United States, except that such rules and regulations shall not be applied in a manner inconsistent with the inviolability of the headquarters district provided by Section 9 (a); (5) such other radio facilities as may be specified by supple- mental agreement between the United Nations and the appro- priate American authorities. (b) The United Nations shall make arrangements for the operation of the services referred to in this section with the International Tele- communication Union, the appropriate agencies of the Government of the United States and the appropriate agencies of other affected governments with regard to all frequencies and similar matters. (c) The facilities provided for in this section may, to the extent necessary for efficient operation, be established and operated outside the headquarters district. The appropriate American authorities will, on request of the United Nations, make arrangements, on such terms and in such manner as may be agreed upon by supplemental agreement, for the acquisition or use by the United Nations of appro- priate premises for such purposes and the inclusion of such premises in the headquarters district. SECTION 5 759 Dispossession of property. Post, p. 764. Radio facilities. Post, p. 760 . Operation of facili- ties outside head- quarters district. In the event that the United Nations should find it necessary and Aerodrome. desirable to establish and operate an aerodrome, the conditions for the location, use and operation of such an aerodrome and the conditions under which there shall be entry into and exit therefrom shall be the subject of a supplemental agreement.