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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 482-AUG. 4, 1947 Control over entry Into U. S ., etc. Entry into head- quarters district, etc. Facilitation of en- trance shall not be construed to grant him exemption from the laws and regu- lations of the United States regarding the continued residence of aliens, provided that: (1) No proceedings shall be instituted under such laws or regu- lations to require any such person to leave the United States except with the prior approval of the Secretary of State of the United States. Such approval shall be given only after consultation with the appropriate Member in the case of a representative of a Member (or a member of his family) or with the Secretary-Gen- eral or the principal executive officer of the appropriate specialized agency in the case of any other person referred to in Section 11; (2) A representative of the Member concerned, the Secretary- General, or the principal executive officer of the appropriate specialized agency, as the case may be, shall have the right to appear in any such proceedings on behalf of the person against whom they are instituted; (3) Persons who are entitled to diplomatic privileges and immunities under Section 15 or under the General Convention shall not be required to leave the United States otherwise than in accordance with the customary procedure applicable to diplomatic envoys accredited to the United States. (c) This section does not prevent the requirement of reasonable evidence to establish that persons claiming the rights granted by Sec- tion 11 come within the classes described in that section, or the reason- able application of quarantine and health regulations. (d) Except as provided above in this section and in the General Convention, the United States retains full control and authority over the entry of persons or property into the territory of the United States and the conditions under which persons may remain or reside there. (e) The Secretary-General shall, at the request of the appropriate American authorities, enter into discussions with such authorities, with a view to making arrangements for registering the arrival and depar- ture of persons who have been granted visas valid only for transit to and from the headquarters district and sojourn therein and in its immediate vicinity. (f) The United Nations shall, subject to the foregoing provisions of this section, have the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit entry of persons and property into the headquarters district and to prescribe the conditions under which persons may remain or reside there. SECTION 14 The Secretary-General and the appropriate American authorities shall, at the request of either of them, consult as to methods of facili- tating entrance into the United States, and the use of available means of transportation, by persons coming from abroad who wish to visit the headquarters district and do not enjoy the rights referred to in this Article. ArrTCLE V-RESTDENT REPRESENTATIVES TO THE UNITD NATIONS SECTION 15 (1) Every person designated by a Member as the principal resident representative to the United Nations of such Member or as a resident representative with the rank of ambassador or minister plenipotentiary, (2) such resident members of their staffs as may be agreed upon between the Secretary-General, the Government of the United States and the Government of the Member concerned, 762 [61 STAT.