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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/971

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61 STAT.] 80TH CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 526 -DEC. 30 , 1947 dent by section 4 of this joint resolution and by section 6 of the Act of July 2,1940 (54 Stat. 714), as amended, may, to the extent the Presi- dent directs, be exercised by any department, agency, or officer in the executive branch of the Government. CRITICAL SHORTAGES-RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE PRESIDENT SEC. 6. (a) Whenever the President shall determine that there is or threatens to be a critical shortage of any raw material, commodity, or product which jeopardizes the health or safety of the people of the United States or its national security or welfare and that there is no prospect that such critical shortage may soon be remedied by an increase in the available supply without additional governmental action and that the situation cannot be solved by voluntary agreement under the provisions of this Act, he may prepare proposed measures for conserving such raw material, commodity, or product which he shall submit to the Congress in the following form: (1) A statement of the circumstances which, in the President's judgment, require the proposed conservation measures. (2) A detailed procedure for the administration of the proposed measures including the additional budget and additional personnel required for their enforcement. (3) The proposed degree of curtailment in current and prospective use of each such raw material, commodity, or product by each processor and/or user thereof, including the specific formulae proposed for such curtailment with respect to each class or classes of processors or users and the criteria used in the establishment of such formulae. (4) A complete record of the factual evidence upon which his recom- mendations are based, including all information provided by any agency of the Federal Government which may have been made avail- able to him in the course of his consideration of the matter. (b) Within fifteen days after the submission of such proposed con- servation measures, the Joint Committee on the Economic Report shall conduct public hearings thereon and shall make such recommendations to the Congress for legislative action as in its judgment the recom- mendations of the President and any additional information disclosed at the public hearings may require. PRODUCTION OF FOODS IN NONFUJROPEAN FOREIGN COUNTRIES SEC. 7. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in order to alleviate and prevent shortages in foods, agricultural commodities, and products thereof, Commodity Credit Corporation is authorized to carry out projects to stimulate and increase the production of foods, agricultural commodities, and products thereof, in non-European foreign countries. Such projects may include procurement, the mak- ing of advances and price guaranties, the furnishing of technical information and assistance, the furnishing of seed, fertilizer, machin- ery, equipment and other materials, and such other actions as are necessary or incident to the carrying out of such projects: Provided, That any such program is first submitted to Congress by the Secretary of Agriculture, and is not disapproved by concurrent resolution of Congress within sixty days thereafter. FOOD AND FEED CONSERVATION PROGRAM SEC. 8. (a) In order to alleviate shortages in foods and feeds, and to assist in stabilizing prices, the President shall carry out a program for the conservation of food and feed. In carrying out such program, the President is authorized, through the dissemination of information, 947 50U.8.0. app. §701. Ante, pp. 323, 946. Statement of cir- cumstances. Administrative pro- cedure. Proposed curtail- ment. Factual evidence. Public hearings. Projects to stimu- late production.