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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/984

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INDEX Agriculture, Department of-Continued Page Allocation of scarce agricultural com- modities, funds available to carry out legislation respecting; report to Congress ------------ _----- - 942, 943 Animal Industry, Bureau of- Appropriation for - - 73, 185, 245, 530, 617 Transfer of funds to------- ._---_ 73 Condemned animals, payment for, basis of appraisement --- 531, 532, 617 Exception --------------------- 617 Inspection and quarantine, mainte- nance of service at certain stock- yards during designated period- _ 549 Meat inspection- Authorization, establishments not subject to Meat Inspection Act, repeal of Act of June 10, 1942- 449 Fund, establishment; report to Congress----------------- 531, 532 Technical services for Government departments, etc------------ 532 Transfer of functions -------------- 952 Apple production estimates, restriction- 527 Appropriation Act, 1948-------------- 523 Amendment ---------------------- 617 Arid and semiarid areas, water facilities, appropriation for --------------- 546 Bankhead-Jones Act. See separate title. Butter, process or renovated, appropria- tion for carrying out provisions of designated Acts-- -------------- 533 Claims, appropriations available for pay- ment-------------------------- 549 Commodity Credit Corporation. See separatetitle. Commodity Exchange Authority, funds for-------------------------- 74,545 Commodity exchanges. See separate title. Community facilities, defense public works, reduction in appropriation - 20 Conservation practices, funds available to carry out legislation respecting; report to Congress------------ 942, 943 Cotton. See separatetitle. Cultural surveys, restriction on use of funds for --------------------- 527 Dairy Industry, Bureau of- Appropriation for----------------- 533 Transfer of funds to------------- 73 Transfer of functions-------------- 952 Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Bu- reau of- Appropriation for----------- 534, 536, 698 Transfer of funds to------------- 73 Plant Quarantine Act, amendment, limitation on entry of nursery stonk from foreign countries---- 680 Agriculture, Department of-Continued Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Bu- reau of-Continued State, etc., cooperation requirements for control of certain diseases__- Transfer of functions----......... White pine blister rust control, funds available for------ _ - -- - - -_ Experiment Stations, Office of- Appropriation for _


__ Transfer of funds to --------- Report to Congress on administration of grants and coordination of re- search with States-----....... Transfer of functions----......... Extension Service- Appropriation for ---... --. .

. .

Transfer of funds to -

Working fund, reduction in appropria- Page 535 952 537 530 73 530 952 527 73 tions------------------------ 20 Extension services, agricultural, of land- grant colleges, cooperation in re- cruitment and placement of domes- tic farm labor------------------- 55 Farm Credit Administration. See sepa- rate title. Farm labor supply program. See sepa- rate title. Farm tenancy- Loans, transfer of certain obligations in connection with------------ 545 Transfer of funds to appropriation for-----

74 Farm Tenant Act. See separate title. Farmers, certain inducted, payments with respect to Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act------ 542 Farmers' Home Administration- Appropriation for-------------- -- 545 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, transfer of certain rights, obliga- tions, etc------------------ -- 545 Farming materials, appropriation for purchase --------------------- 6542 Federal Crop Insurance Act, Amend- ments. See separatetitle. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. See separatetitle. Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation, appropriations for; availability of funds, etc ------------------ 110,580 Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Ro- denticide Act. See separate title. Federal Intermediate Credit Banks- Administrative expenses, increase in amount available for ---------- 73 Availability of funds, etc----------- 580 Field offices, restriction on use of funds for--------------------------- 525 III ~--- -