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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/988

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INDEX Alaska-Continued Page Game law- Amendment, compensation of mem- bers of commission


Appropriation for enforcement------- 487 Government in, appropriation for- 66, 116 , 489 Indians, buildings and utilities, con - struction, etc., appropriation for-- 467 Indigent, appropriation for----------- 218 Insane, appropriation for care and cus- tody of---------------------- 66,489 International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada and Alaska and Canada, appropriation for --------------------- - 117,286 Land patents, etc., re serv ation of right- of-way for roads, etc ------------ 418 Legislative expenses, appropriation for- 489 Marshals, U. S., appropriation for serv- ices in collecting evidence- ------- 290 Metlakahtla, etc., Indians, U. S . citizen- ship; certificate of citizenship----- 414 Mineral Leasing Act, amendment, money received from sales, etc., of public lands under, disposition---- 119 Mineral resources, appropriation for investigation of----------------- 478 Mining claims, suspension of annual assessment work---------------- 213 Mining laws and regulations; rights of future State -------------------- 916 Mount McKinley National Park, appro- priation for lodges, etc-- --------- 490 Natives, support, etc., appropriation for---------------------- 115,465,943 Pardons, reprieves, etc., authority of Governor respecting granting of-- 459 Petersburg, conveyance for school pur- poses ----------------------- 632 Pribilof Islands, natives, appropriation for furnishing food, etc., to ------- 486 Prisoners, Federal, appropriation for support of---------------------- 293 Public schools, appropriation for- ----- 489 Railroads, additional income tax on, appropriation for---------------- 22C Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act, applicability---------------- 204 Richardson Highway, appropriation for construction -------------------- 489 Riverside Mine, Hyder, transportation of supplies and products by vessels of foreign registry; time limit ----- 632 Roads, bridges, etc., appropriation for-_ 48 Salmon River, appropriation for flood control ---------------------- - 685 Sitka, sale to, of United States Reserve for Agricultural Investigations and Weather Service, authorized------ 31( c,-...- .. +

.. , funds for_ 112. 230 , 700, 701

Alaska-Continued VII Page Tongass National Forest, sale of timber and lands ---------------_ --- -- ( Topographic surveys, appropriation for_ Transportation of U. S . employees on Army transports; limitation--- _ - . Transportation service, water, authori- zation for Maritime Commission to make provision for during specified period; reports to Congress___ -- University of Alaska, cooperation in re- search on agricultural problems - Victory Bible Camp Ground, Inc., pur- chase of land by --

Weather Bureau- Distressed persons in remote localities, appropriation for relief -------- Government employees, compensa- tion for taking and transmitting meteorological observations ---- Medical services for employees in-- Subsistence supplies for resale; report to Congress------------------ Wildlife resources, appropriation for in- vestigations of----------------- Zoning power of Legislature in town sites on public lands of United States------------------------ Alaska Communication System, appropri- ation for----------------------- 118, Alaska Railroad: Alaska Railroad Retirement Act, reem- ployment of persons retired under, repeal of Act of December 22, 1942-------------------------- Contracts for additional work, authority of Secretary of the Interior------- Funds for ----------------------- 490, Rctireenllt and disability fund, appro- priation for-..._ ..--

Surplus materials, equipment, etc., transfers to------------------- Albany, Calif., appropriation for construo- tion of storage building for Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemis- try, Department of Agriculture --- Alcohol. See Distilled Spirits, Etc. Alcohol Plants, Industrial, emergency pro- duction of sugars and sirups, time ex- tension--------------------------- Alien Property, Office of. See under Jus- tice, Department of. Alien Property Administration, Philippine. See Philippine Alien Property Admin- istration. Alien Property Custodian. See under Justice, Department of. Alien Property Trust Fund, deposit of cer- tain funds in German special deposit account-------------------------- )20 i77 423 10 529 90 301 301 301 301 487 414 687 450 490 590 590 490 536 4


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