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INDEX Army-Navy Nurses Act of 1947-Con. Women's Medical Specialist Corps, Army-Continued Laws, applicability to commissioned officers, dependents, and benefi- ciaries -------- ___ ___ ___ ___ _- Officers' Reserve Corps, establishment of Women's Medical Specialist Corps Section; applicability of laws; appointments in; call to ac- Page 45 tive duty, etc ---------------- 46, 47 Relative rank among commissioned officers, determination -------- 44 Retirement of officers, pay, etc------- 44, 45 Army-Navy-Public Health Service Medi- cal Officer Procurement Act of 1947-. 776 Army Nurse Corps. See under Army- Navy Nurses Act of 1947. Army Transport Service: Alien seamen, waivers for employment- 685 Boy Scouts, transportation to World Jamboree on vessel of------------- 38 Army War College. See National War College. Art, National Gallery of, appropriation for--------- -------------- 28, 62, 602 Arthur Alexander Post Numbered 68, American Legion, Belzoni, Miss., granting of reversionary interest re- served to U. S. in certain lands- . . 135 Articles of War: Amendment, Article 119, rank and pre- cedence among officers----------- 913 Date of termination of war in interpre- tation of certain provisions of Act of June 4, 1920 --------------- 452, 454 Asphalt Deposits, Choctaw-Chickasaw Nations, leases, etc.; sale ---------- 686 Assay Offices, appropriation for salaries and expenses---------------------- 223 "Association", inclusion of "successors and assigns" in construction of statutes - 633 Astronomical Union, International, appro- priation for contribution ----------- 283 Astrophysical Observatory, appropriation for maintenance------------------- 602 Aten, Nebr., appropriation for bank pro- tection, Missouri River ------------ 689 Atomic Energy, Joint Committee on, ap- propriation for ------------------ 16, 363 Atomic Energy Commission: Appropriation for------------------- 589 Cancer research, appropriation avail- able-------------------------- 589 Contract authority --------------- 589 Federal Bureau of Investigation, trans- fer of funds to------------------ 291 Reduction in appropriations --------- Salary limitations------------- 95347-48 --pt. 1 62 18 589 786 11 B Babassu Nuts and Kernels, monthly sta- tistics, collection, publication, etc---- 457 Bacon-Davis Act: Claims under, relief from certain------ 85, 86 Definition for purposes of Portal-to- Portal Act of 1947.............-- --. 90 Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947, applicabil- ity --------------------------- 85 Restriction on liability of employer in designated circumstances -------- 88, 89 Statute of limitations ---------------- 88 Bailey, Josiah W., appropriation for pay- ment to widow of----------------- 15 Bailiffs, U. S . Courts: Appropriation for salaries and expen- ses ------------------------- 117,290 Per diem restriction --------------- _ 294 Bald Eagle, appropriation for protection of --


Baltimore, Md.: Fort McHenry-- Easement --------------------- Restoration, preservation, etc., date of termination of emergency in interpretation of Act of March 3, 1925----- ----------------- Lazzaretto depot, easement-- . -- - - - - - . 487 212 453 212 XVII Attorney General. See under Justice, De- Page partment of. Audited Claims, appropriation for pay- ment-------------------- 64,78,185, 627 Austin Project, Okla., change of name of Lugert-Altus irrigation project to-_ _ _ 99 Austria, Aid to. See Foreign Aid Act of 1947; Relief Assistance to Countries Devastated by War. Aviation. See Army; Civil Aeronautics Administration; Civil Aeronautics Board; Navy; Navy Department; War Department. Aviation Cadet Act, Army, termination of suspension of certain provisions, re- peal of provisions of Act of July 8, 1942----------------------------. 449 Aviation Cadet Act of 1942, Naval, Amend- ment, lump-sum payment on release from active duty; payment to benefi- ciaries, etc------------------------ 424 Aviation Policy Board, Temporary Con- gressional. See Congressional Avia- tion Policy Board, Temporary. Aviation Stations, Coast Guard, increase in number _ -----_ -- ------- ---- "Awa Maru", Japanese vessel, payment to Switzerland in settlement of claims for loss of food, etc., in sinking of --- Awards. See Rewards.