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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 783-OCT. 28 , 1949 Ante, p. 651 . 61 Stat. 697. 61 Stat. 604. Board of Veterans Appeals. Ante, pp. 34, 874. Ante, p. 346. Ante, p. 346. 60 Stat. 170 . 49U.S.C.1§1101- 1119; Supp. II, i 1101 et eq. Arte, pp. 478, 480, 3,605 , 903, 926. UNITED STATES MARITIME COMMISSION WAR SHIPPING ADMINISTRATION LIQUIDATION Notwithstanding the limitation under this head in the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1950, on the amount available from the unexpended balance of the appropriation to the Secretary of the Treasury in the Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1948, for liquidation of obligations approved by the General Accounting Office as properly incurred against funds of the War Shipping Administra- tion prior to January 1, 1947, the entire unexpended balance of said appropriation shall remain available during the fiscal year 1950 for liquidation of such obligations. VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION, MEDICAL, HOSPITAL, AND DOMICILIARY SERVICES For an additional amount for "Administration, medical, hospital, and domiciliary services", not exceeding $15,000,000 of the unobligated balance of funds appropriated for such purposes for the fiscal year 1949, to be transferred to this appropriation: Provided, That not exceeding $1,725,211 of funds available for such purposes during the fiscal year 1950 may be used for the Board of Veterans Appeals. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATOR Buildings and Facilities For replacement of a granary building, equipment, and inventory at the Agricultural Research Center, including architectural and other costs in connection therewith, $150,000. RURAL ELECTRIIrCATION ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES For an additional amount for "Salaries and expenses", $650,000. FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORPORATION ADMINISTRATION OF FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE ACT For an additional amount for "Operating expenses", $1,000,000. CoMMoDrrr CREDIT CORPORATION ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES The limitation under this head in the Department of Agriculture Appropriation Act, 1950, on the amount available for administrative expenses of the Corporation, is increased from "$12,000,000" to "$15,000,000". DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE CIVIL AERoNAUTIcs ADMINISTRATION For an additional amount for "Claims, Federal Airport Act", $476,875, to remain available until June 30 1953, as follows: Los Angeles Municipal Airport, Los Angeles, California, $261,528; Porter- vile Municipal Airport, Porterville, California, $44,279; Pinellas 978 [63 STAT.