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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , IST SESS.-CH. 787-OCT. 29, 1949 Military Establishment, $115,000,000: Provided, That the number of caretakers authorized to be employed under the provisions of law (32 U. S . C. 42) may be such as is deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Air Force. SALARIES AND EXPENSES, ADMINISTRATION For expenses necessary for the administration of the Air Force at the seat of government and at headquarters of major commands, including personal services; transportation of things; hire of passen- ger motor vehicles; and travel expenses, transportation of dependents, baggage, and household effects of civilian employees upon permanent change of station, $58,425,000. CONTINGENCIES For emergencies and extraordinary expenses, including personal services at the seat of government and elsewhere, to be expended on the authority or approval of the Secretary of the Air Force, and such expenses may be accounted for solely on his certificate, $15,200,000. TITLE VI GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 601. During the current fiscal year, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, respectively, if they should deem it advantageous to the national defense, and if in their opinions the existing facilities of the National Military Estab- lishment or the Department concerned are inadequate, are authorized to procure services in accordance with section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U. S . C . 55a), but at rates for individuals not in excess of $50 per day, and to pay in connection therewith travel expenses of individuals, including actual transportation and per diem in lieu of subsistence while traveling from their homes or places of business to official duty station and return as may be authorized in travel orders or letters of appointment. SEC. 602. Section 3648, Revised Statutes, shall not apply in the case of payments made from appropriations contained in this Act, (1) to payments made in compliance with the laws of foreign countries or their ministerial regulations, (2) to payments for rent in such countries for such periods as may be necessary to accord with local custom, or (3) to payments made for tuition. SEC. 603. During the current fiscal year, provisions of law prohibit- ing the payment of compensation to, or employment of, any person not a citizen of the United States shall not apply to personnel of the National Military Establishment. SEC. 604. The appropriations contained in this Act shall not be available for increased pay for flights by nonflying officers at a rate in excess of $720 per annum, which shall be the legal maximum rate as to such officers, and such nonflying officers shall be entitled to such rate of increase by performing three or more flights of a total duration of not less than four hours within each ninety-day period, pursuant to orders of competent authority, without regard to the duration of each flight. SEC. 605. The appropriations in this Act otherwise available for travel or transportation which are current on date of relief from duty station of personnel traveling under orders may be charged with all expenses in connection with such travel including transportation of dependents and household goods, regardless of time of arrival at destination of such personnel. 1017 Caretakers. 39 Stat. 205 . 32U.S.C., Supp.II, § 42 note. Temporary services by contract. 60 Stat. 810. 31U.S.C. 529. Advances of public moneys. Compensation to noncitliens. Flights by nonflying officers. Personnel traveling under orders.