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PUBLIC LAWS-CRH. 138-MAY 24, 1949 59 Stat.472. 1 of the Act of July 17, 1945, notwithstanding the provisions of sec- tion 2 of that Act: Provided, That the amounts so approved by such committee may be obligated in full prior to the actual appropriation thereof. THE JUDICIARY MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS OF EXPENSE FEES OF JURORS Post, p .870. For an additional amount for "Fees of jurors", $300,000. GENERAL PROVISIONS Notwithstanding the provisions of the Treasury Department 62 Stat. 40 . Appropriation Act, 1949, appropriations in the Judiciary Appropria- 62Stat.329. tion Act, 1949, available for miscellaneous expenses or for salaries and expenses shall be available for purchase of new or used typewriters at prices which do not exceed prices established under the provisions 62 Stat. 415. of the Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1949. EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT COMPENSATION OF THE PRESIDENT 62 Stat. 177. For an additional amount, fiscal year 1949, for "Compensation of the President" from January 20 to June 30, including an expense allowance at the rate of $50,000 per annum, as authorized by Public Ante, p.4. Law 2, approved January 19, 1949, $33,437.52. OFFICE OF DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES For an additional amount for "Salaries and expenses", $95,000; and the limitation under this head in the Supplemental Independent 62 tat. 119 Offices Appropriation Act, 1949, on the amount available for travel expenses is increased from "$54,000" to "$65,000": Provided, That the appropriation under said head shall remain available until June 30, 1949: Provided further That the sum of $60,000 made available under said head exclusively for terminal leave payments shall be available for any of the purposes specified under said head. INDEPENDENT OFFICES DISPLACED PERSONS COMMISSION For an additional amount for "Displaced Persons Commission", $1,200,000; and the limitation under this head in the Second Deficiency 62 Stat. 1031. Appropriation Act, 1948, on the purchase of passenger motor vehicles, is increased from "fifteen" to "thirty-five". FEDERAL SECURITY AGENOY BUREAU OF EMPLOYEES' COMPENSATION Administrative Expenses, War Claims Act For administrative expenses necessary for performing the duties imposed upon the Federal Security Administrator by the War Claims Sus. C ., upp. Act of 1948 (Public Law 896, approved July 3, 1948), $35,000, to be n.ipp. it 2l-' 01. derived from the war claims fund created by section 13 (a) of said P4,p. 112. 78 [63 STAT.