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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS-JULY 6, 1949 A-3477565, Santoro, Emilia (alias Emilia Zanone). A-5249171, Sarkissian, George (alias George Sarkisian alias Hachig or Hatchig Sarkissian or Sarkisian). A-397443, Sharkey, Mary Jane (nee Mary Jane Ramsey). A-5452595, Silbert, Mary (nee Finegood). A-3444818, Silva, Manuel Y Cruces, or Manuel Silva. A-6075260, Simmons, Pearl Salud (nee Tibig). A-9769910, Singh, Mahadeo Javert Rampersaud. A-3678239, Sokolow, Sol, or Zyskind Sokolow or Sokol or Zyskind Sokolow, or Janowicz or Janowitz or Yanowicz. A-3930421, Speis, Stelios Napoleon, or Steve Napoleon Speis. A-6517996, Sporup, John Soren Nielsen, or John Nielsen. A-7703588, Soroosh, Gholam Hossein. A-4761287, Soulvie, Gertrud Mae, or Seiweh (nee French alias Schultz). A-3776190, Sousa, Mary Agnes. A-6551396, Squires, Elizabeth Oonagh (alias Elizabeth Perdue). A-6551397, Squires, Penelope Oonagh (alias Penelope Perdue). A-6261575, Stamatiades, Nefelia (nee Valasi). A-3174351, St. Hilaire, Melvin, or Melville or Joe St. Hilaire. A-6277447, Taylor, Beth (alias Beth Engeisen). A-4491271, Thederahn, Walter Herman, or Walter Smith or Schmidt. A-5378679, Uusmaa, Vladimer (alias Vladimer Vel Uusmaa). A-7798513, Valencia, Baudelio (alias Baudelica Valencia Gonzaliz). A-3716183, Wang, James Shu Woo, or Wang Shu Woo or James Wang. A-6458405, Wands, Laraine Fay, or Loraine Fay Wands. A-3497722, Whitaker, Laura Myrtle (nee Owen). A-1275082, Williamson, Williamina, or Mina Williamson. A-4495642, Wolinsky, Abraham. A-6364147, Wright, Graham Patrick. A-6292364, Zakrzewski, Genowefa, or Genowefa Szczepanska. A-6292365, Zakrzewski, Jadwiga. A-3154916, Zannis, Christos. Agreed to July 6, 1949. Julo. 14 DEPORTATION SUSPENSIONS Is. Con. Res.251 Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each alien hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months: A-6749936, Alcala-Martinez, Jesus, or Jesus Martinez or Jesus Alcala. A-6313380, Ayala-Serrano, Irene. A-6449001, Alexander, Chi Ngo, or Chen Chi Ngo. A-6373549, Ayala, Juan Hernandez, or Juan Ayala Hernandez (alias Dan Hancock alias M. C . Stokes). A-9579672, Bacich, Anton Sime. A-2879588, Battaglini, Quirino Gene. A-5652053, Beda, Sabetay. A-6249257, Bellios, Paraskevi Costalia. A-5166885, Bendfeldt, August Johannes. A-6326675, Berliner, Kenneth Michael (alias Kenneth Michael Hovde). 1226 [63 STAT.